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No one has enough power over my emotions to break me anymore…but my 2 adult children are the most insensitive, selfish people, who think nothing of bashing me over the head with the cruelest indifferent attitude and just inexcusable disregard for me and for their father’s memory. A couple of days ago it was husbands birthday and the next day was my sons birthday…actually its today the 6th. I email all the time, I call and leave messages for them to let me know they are ok and I asked my boy if I could see him on his birthday and if he didn’t want to talk to me to let the phone ring once and that would be a message to not come…he ignored me as usual. My daughter is engaged. I am not even invited to her wedding…my own daughter’s wedding. They apparently think I’m a complete bitch or do not deserve shit. I have no idea why. This would hurt their father so much…he’s better off dead. The problem with these two is they had a great home, parents who loved them and they don’t know what the hell it’s like to grow up like I did….they should walk a f****** mile in my shoes. I f****** cried and just was so damn ……I can’t even look forward to seeing a grandchild’s face for a trace of my dead husband in them. I am beyond fed up with them. I could be on my god damn death bed and they wouldn’t come. I am not exaggerating. What the hell was all the planning and saving for their futures even for? All the little things they we do while they are growing up. I wish I never had kids.

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  1. At least you tried with them that’s all that matters. And if they can’t love you then you don’t need them Im just saying is all.😶 Hope all gets better for you.

  2. Your kids are douches. Don’t let them treat you like that. I would never treat my parents like that. I am 15 And I have more sense.

  3. Why are your kids like this to you ?….They must have a reason to dislike there own mother,seems u wont acknowledge.

  4. I certainly can understand how you are feeling . My husband and I were not invited to our youngest Daughters Wedding either and it tore us both apart. At this time we have not seen her in almost two years . She blocked my number so I cannot text or call . Our other Daughter is the only one close to her and she says her father and I deserve to be treated as we are . They grew up walking on egg shells yes their Dad was an asshole . But his abuse was directed at me because I protected them . But they tell everyone how bad they had it …. Yeah right they had a home , food , always had everything they needed , and a Mother that sacrificed her life for them to always have everything . And neither would give a shit if my husband and I were to die today. But the oldest reminds us to make sure to make a will so they get what we have. Makes me want to say screw it let them have to fight for it the same way their dad and I had to fight to acquire everything we have.
    I do not wish I never had kids but I sure wish I would have beat the shit out of them like they claim we did . Then at least I would earn the title of Bitch.
    Hang in there Hon. Don’t let them get you down. You have given enough of your life to them .

  5. It feels terrible to regret a decision, doesn’t it? Remember that you can’t do anything to take it back, so make the best of your choices. Even if your life was definitely harder and your kids have never had any true trials and tribulations, you must get over this communication barrier. It seems that you won’t tell each other what’s really bothering one another in your family. I’m sorry that your wonderful husband has passed, but you need to let go of the past and focus on the future. Cherish what you have, and give love where ever it’s needed. Best Wishes! I hope the best for you

  6. Okay, now that you know who you’re children are – do you plan to process any of this in therapy? Surely it would help you to make better peace with yourself and them. Take care and please allow yourself to get help.

  7. The same thing happened to me. I have 3 children. My oldest son has caused me such unbearable pain. I’ve done nothing to deserve it. I wish I never had kids too. It’s not worth the pain they cause.

  8. Your being entirely too hard on yourself. Im sorry this happened in your family, I really am. But it does happen quite often. Your situation does sound familiar to me. Kids can be hurtful without regard to age. If they really dont want to be in touch with you then stop calling. By you calling them they know its getting to you. Your just going to have to find other activities you enjoy on your own. When you stop trying to keep in touch. They will come around. Im curious to know why do you think they are like this?

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