My kids

No one has enough power over my emotions to break me anymore…but my 2 adult children are the most insensitive, selfish people, who think nothing of bashing me over the head with the cruelest indifferent attitude and just inexcusable disregard for me and for their father’s memory. A couple of days ago it was husbands birthday and the next day was my sons birthday…actually its today the 6th. I email all the time, I call and leave messages for them to let me know they are ok and I asked my boy if I could see him on his birthday and if he didn’t want to talk to me to let the phone ring once and that would be a message to not come…he ignored me as usual. My daughter is engaged. I am not even invited to her wedding…my own daughter’s wedding. They apparently think I’m a complete bitch or do not deserve shit. I have no idea why. This would hurt their father so much…he’s better off dead. The problem with these two is they had a great home, parents who loved them and they don’t know what the hell it’s like to grow up like I did….they should walk a ******* mile in my shoes. I ******* cried and just was so damn ……I can’t even look forward to seeing a grandchild’s face for a trace of my dead husband in them. I am beyond fed up with them. I could be on my god damn death bed and they wouldn’t come. I am not exaggerating. What the hell was all the planning and saving for their futures even for? All the little things they we do while they are growing up. I wish I never had kids.

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