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Everytime I see myself in my children, I’m disappointed. I’ve made nothing of my life, and only hoped by leaving them with their mother to raise them, they would be better. Yet still, my son may say or do something that I would have done at his age. How do I tell him “no, don’t go down this path, you want to turn out like me?”

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  1. It is really sad that you want to abandon your children instead of picking up a book about parenting or taking a class on a way to be a better father. Women aren’t any better at being a parent than you are. When we had my daughter, it was her father who had more experience than me when it came to parenting, he was more hands on and taught me so much. You are talking about committing a lifetime pain for your children. Why don’t you speak up and talk with your son about some of the things you see him doing. Don’t down play your parenting as a way to convince yourself it would be the right decision, because it will not.

  2. Parenting is the most difficult…heartwrenching if we are honest, jobs you will ever take on in life. If you have gone into it the “proper” way by
    marrying someone who you are sure will be a great partner in this or by creating your family on your own without marriage. It is difficult!
    You have read parenting books, listened and watched people who seem to have it all together in this area and still…you are human…everyone has a past and you pray that you can steer these offspring of yours in a direction that will spare them pain or help them not to make foolish mistakes. You say you have made nothing of your life? I don’t know your story so I am just speculating here…you are saying, “I am a loser, I admit it and know it’s scary to see the kid’s repeating history”. From my experience, no matter what you do, how well off you are…whatever…there are life lessons that they must learn for themselves, just as you have done and that is hard to watch unfold when you love your kids. PRAY BABY…lol, try and relax knowing that time will iron out some wrinkles and the others you have no control over. Do something with your own life, little by little because you are never too old to make adjustments to your life…easier said than done for sure. Look at the positives in life and take what feeds you, leave the rest because if you don’t you will go insane. It’s sometimes a nasty, cold and uncaring world out there and you will possibly get this from the kids and people you have loved and treated well…it’s bewildering…
    even when you have given them love, security, tried to throw in a little wisdom…it’s crazy…just let it go.

  3. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and looking for a way out of your responsibility. Stay there for your children, and for yourself. Your children deserve your love. Also start looking for ways to accomplish what you’ve always wanted to. This can be done.

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