My family My nightmare

My family is the worst and they are the cause of 90%of my daily problems. My family is very conservative. They don’t let me use facebook or contact with any girl. I’m now 18 years old but still they treat me as child. I’m a very good student. I won many physics and mathematics olympiads and if they weren’t troubling me, I’d have have a bright future. I hate my family so much sometime I wonder if I wasn’t born in this family. All they want is results but they never look back to themselves for a single time. I even don’t have a girlfriend to share my sufferings. As they are conservative, my friends don’t even like me now. I’m waiting for what the worst could be

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  1. I have two methods one you could firmly tell your parents that you are not a child anymore so they should stop treating you like one, you need to know when they cross the line into overprotectiveness and they need to know too. Method two would be to wait for collage and hope things get better

  2. Does your family know how you feel? If not, let someone who is caring in your family how you feel. If things don’t work out, you can also declare your independence from your family and decide what you want to do. Therapy might be helpful for you. Take care and good luck.

  3. My family is also super conservative like that. I’ve never been allowed to have my own social media, and, up until only a few years ago, not even my own room. The only “social media” account I have is a Skype account, with literally only my brother and aunt as contacts. I have very few friends as whenever I invite a new friend over (which is extremely rare) my parents literally scare them off.

    They always constantly push me to do my very best, helping me to lose any and all motivation in the process. The highest grade I have ever gotten is a B-, which later when my parents demanded a re-count was a C. I was so afraid that my dad was going to beat me as I saw him doing to my brothers while growing up, but lucky for me he didn’t.

  4. I know this must be tough for you but you have been successful. Now that your older are there any plans to go to college? You must be almost done with highschool. You still have a very bright future ahead of you. With those good grades you must be eligible for some college scholarships. Hold on because it wont be too much longer before your out on your own.

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