Mother Dearest

I’ve always hated my mother. She struggled with drugs, religion, mental disorders and the like. The courts took me away from her when I was 7. I only ended up in her care because my father died that year.

She would find where I live and pound on the door, trying to talk to me for whayever reason she made up. Every time she did, I’d find myself cowering in a corner, laundry room or somewhere stupid and childish until she left. I never knew why she had that effect on me.

Just this last year, my uncle (who had been my legal guardian off and on), sent me a box with pictures of my dad, custody papers, medical and psyche evaluations and the like from over the years. As I was flipping through one of thr stacks of custody papers, I saw the courts reason for removing me from her custody:
She molested me.

Good to know 20 years later.
Thanks, mom.

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