Just bitching

My mom is getting on in age. I fluctuate between petrifying fear of losing her and annoyance at her constant maladies. Not much can be done. Arthritis. Pain in her knees. Pain in her heels. I feel horrible hearing it. Her quality of life is suffering. I tell her to stay with me. It she doesn’t want that. She doesn’t like my husband that much plus there isn’t that much room. Plus as much as she says she hates being alone she also wants her privacy. Her stuff. I can respect that. And at the end of it all I feel like watching her is watching a film of my future.

6 thoughts on “Just bitching

  1. I COMPLETELY understand. EVERYTHING I come down with, even doctor diagnosed, or TV things…she has them. I get many suffer from some form of paranoia/hypochondria. But sheesh. I LOVE my mom beyond, she has EVERYTHING. Especially if I have it. You’re not alone.

  2. I am certain that old people become insufferable and childlike so that when they pass it is less devastating for their children. That sounds mean, it’s not meant to be.

  3. I know how hard it is… I lived that life. They bitch at you when you are doing your best to take care of them.They hate the loss of control, they resent the cruelty of getting old and having to depend on someone else…You resent having to do all the things you must do to keep your conscience clean.It is exhausting…it wears at your soul…and when they are gone, you feel guilty because maybe you could have been nicer to them and maybe you feel like you failed them.

  4. I’m so pity of you, yes whenever we go or whatever we do is always reflects our parents. I wish the god ease you. I know it’s hard to choose between your mom and your husband now, but what I can suggest you is make sure you do something precious to both of them, manage your time well. be a productive that’s all you can do

  5. Sounds as if you feel responsible for your mother?
    Have you ever considered getting therapy in order
    to get better with this? Maybe it would help.

  6. don’t fool yourself your death could be with screams indeed to grow old and be comfortable goes unappreciated in the first world…she should painfree so I understand that but she has you and her stuff lol

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