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I’m getting an abortion. It saddens me deeply, but I’m not sure if it makes me sadder than the thought of my now-newborn going without. My husband and I are just barely scraping by each month. I can’t bring another child into this. I would choose adoption, but I have friends who have, and the amount of hate and vitriolic comments they get over their decision, even several years later, is too much for me to bear. So feel free to leave your hateful, close-minded, uneducated comments below. It won’t change anything.

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  1. It’s a very hard choice to have to make. I completely understand the money situation. When I was younger I remember busting my ass at 2 jobs for 60-70 hrs a week and still would find myself regularly having to choose between gas money or food. It’s an extremely flawed economy in our country. Its hard enough when you have both people working and still scrape by, adding a child can be disastrous.
    I don’t think your wrong, the fact you live in the wealthiest most “advanced” country in the world ( I assume USA) and would even be in this position doesn’t reflect on you.

  2. You’re making a good decision you will look back on this and appreciate that you did what’s right for you. Realise that this won’t be easy however, and look for help and support if you need it x

  3. Sometimes, the most responsible decision a mother can make, is to abort.
    Most fertilized eggs actually don’t implant anyway – if that’s any consolation.

    – well wishes from this person who chose abortion also… three-times.

  4. You’re making the right choice. The smart, considerate choice for your family. I applaud you and I know how difficult of a decision it is. I had an abortion a couple of years ago. It was not a happy choice, but I was in graduate school and could barely support myself, let alone another human being. I was in a serious relationship and still am, but it would not have been a wise choice to bring a child into the world that we could not fully care for, the way they would deserve or we would have wanted.

    My fiance was adopted and I can tell you it’s a whole other can of worms. Questions on both sides, from you, wondering how your child grew up, and most certainly from them. Feeling abandoned and unwanted is common in many adopted kids. While there may be a family waiting for a baby, there are already nearly half a million children in the system and I think the folks begging with you to reconsider forget such a fact. It can be very easy to get pregnant and not every baby is wanted. You should not spread yourselves (you and your husband) even thinner when you have options and a newborn already.

    If you have not yet had the procedure, just relax. It is standard and they can put you out for the whole thing if you so choose ( I surely did). If it’s been done, just rest, speak with your husband and support system, and do not feel guilty. If you feel guilt, or thoughts of “what might have been,” I promise they will pass. ::hugs::

  5. Do you think that the “hateful/vitriolic” comments that people will make would be worse than living with the fact that your baby did not get a chance to live his life? It is a tough, sad decision to make.

  6. You have to do what’s best for you. People act like just because you’re married that an unplanned pregnancy is a no brainer. That you should be thrilled to have a baby. But that’s not true. I’m also married, but if we got pregnant today, I would probably also have an abortion. If the thought of having a pregnancy, or a child, doesn’t thrill you – if it leaves you terrified, then I don’t think you should feel pressure to go through with having a baby or giving it up for adoption. I hear you though – if I had an abortion I would have a hard time sharing it with my family – who know I’m pro-choice but don’t agree with it. Just know there are people out there who love you and support you. You’re going to get through this.

  7. What a brutally hard choice you’re faced with. None of us can say what the right answer is for you. Only you can really say what’s best for your family. If you do have any doubts, please seek guidance and support. If your heart tells you that you really want this baby, I promise there’s some way to make it work. No matter what decision you make, please love yourself and know that you’re doing the best you can at this time, in this situation. Sending you love and light. Hugs.

  8. What you’re doing is just fine and in your right to do so. Getting an abortion is never easy, however, it is a completely valid decision for those who do not feel ready to parent.

  9. It doesn’t sound like you will, but please don’t listen to these fools. Nobody but you knows what’s best for your and your family. Sending love and strength.

  10. How very brave of you to do what you know is right for you. It’s a tough decision for sure. I hope you have a loving and loyal support system to help you through this very difficult time. <3

  11. I will not leave you hateful,close minded and hateful comments.You’re making a logical and excellent decision.My parents were living in pathetic condition when i was born and needless to say my childhood was a disaster.I wish they aborted me instead of making me go through hardships.I wish there were more people like you in this world and there wouldn’t be anymore sad and hungry children

  12. I dont want to be hateful. I don’t know if i can change your mind but if you are reading this please, I BEG YOU, DO NOT DO THIS! You dont have to keep it but please dont kill it simply because you dont want to hear people saying your decision was wrong. And even if you did do it you would get just as much ridicule. Please dont do it, not for me but for tour child

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