I’m inbred.

And I’ll always hate myself in a small way because of it.

9 thoughts on “I’m inbred.

  1. Whether you believe Creationism or Evolutionism, there must exist a common ancestor among us all. Either it is Adam from the Bible or a caveman from Africa.

    Plus, your conception should not cause you to hate yourself. Only value yourself by your own actions!

  2. Incest is not something to be ashamed of. When two blood-related people fall in love it will inevitably lead to sexual intercourse between them. And is that really so wrong? It is none of our business what goes on between two people who have fallen in love and are having consensual sexual intercourse.

  3. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I dis covered, but haven’t discussed it with my mom yet, that my father is my mom’s sister’s son.

  4. We are all here because of the actions of others. We didn’t pick this. You are no different than the child of any other two people. You have the right to be here, and owe no apology to anyone. Embrace your own majesty and the miracle that you were born and are surviving. Go to a therapist and talk about your shame. I am sure they will help you to learn to honor your sacred life, no matter what events led to your being born.

  5. That is upsetting, but you personally had nothing to do with that. You cannot control the actions of others. Who you are is your spirit and your mind, not who your parents are or what your parents did or didn’t do. I would suggest counseling to try and get rid of some of the shame you seem to have about this. Go easy on yourself and don’t worry about how you got here, just be grateful that you are here! =)

  6. kasey u must be stupid to think the entire world is inbred. The bible is a fariy tale made up so stupid ppl will try 2 b nicer 2 each other. But even if u r inbred it does not mean u can’t live a perfectly normal life full of happiness and joy. Just remember that life is what u make of it.

  7. everyones inbred there were only 2 people that started the world and they had sex and then there kids had to have sex to make more people and so on and so forth so dont feel bad everyone and i mean everyone is inbred

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