I Wish I Could Tell Her

Six months ago, my mom was the catalyst for a huge mental breakdown I had that caused me to attempt suicide 3 times within the span of less than 2 weeks. It all happened because my brothers and I didn’t respond to a group text my sister sent out the previous night about what to do in celebration of her birthday. We all had perfectly normal reasons why we didn’t say anything (work, was asleep, hated group texts, etc.) But this didn’t placate my mom. She spent hours yelling at me and ONLY me about how hurt she felt, how betrayed she was, how none of us truly loved her. When my brothers would enter the room she would speak to them calmly, but then continued acting as if I was the scum of the earth! She eventually calmed down (not apologizing AT ALL) for her behavior and got a surprise party (that I was forced to go to by my dad, who told her about the text in the first place). Even now, this hurts deeply. She made me feel worthless, ungrateful, and like a burden to her. I wish I could tell her about this incident so much, to show her that her constant childish overreactions (yes, this WASN’T an isolated incident) almost ended the life of her youngest daughter. And still continues to haunt said daughter half a year later.

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