I wish I could die…

I hate being here. I am so miserable and just going through the motions. My three kids are horrible creatures and could care less how much they hurt me by disappointing me with unruliness. I have done everything under the sun for them to be good citizen kids but it seems that it is what it is and I should never have done this. I hope God can forgive me for hating my life as a parent so much!

6 thoughts on “I wish I could die…

  1. If that’s how you think of your children it’s quite likely you are emotionally abusing them without even realizing it. This type of abuse cuts deeper even than sexual and physical abuse. You need to seek help immediately.

  2. I love you for what you said. It is easy to judge for overcoming things that are so hard. I am angry, I am resentful, I hate and feel pain, i am not perfect, and I love hate fear and feel pain with you. You are not perfect and you will never have to be. I was looking for a quote on general life not on motherhood. You sound like my mom. I love you and you should keep on going because I think self doubt is the highest form of self discovery.

  3. You don’t hate your kids, or your life. You just hate that your kids aren’t PERFECT. NO ONE HAS PERFECT KIDS ! We have such high expectations for them, kids are kids. They are learning, and remember they have free will. No matter how great a Mom you are or, that you have taught them right from wrong, they will still do whatever the hell they want. Don’t be suprised when they become well adjusted adults. They usually become more then we ever expected. But, you, you need to find YOU ! Being a Mother is just one of our paths on earth. The other is living your life to it’s fullest. Find YOU !

  4. You need to disapline your kids, and teach them to respect authority. Alot of people think spanking your children is “horrible”, and “barbaric”, but it’s not. A little swat on the butt won’t damage them or anything, in the long run it will help them. You shouldn’t give up on them, and you shouldn’t hate your life.

  5. Shame on you for giving up on your children. You have no one to blame but yourself and whoever (if anyone) helped and is helping you raise them. We help mold our children into who they become, if they are really this bad it is your fault and for you to just give up afterward is terrible.

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