I Want to Leave My Family

I secretly yearn to get in the car, and drive away. To anywhere. I don’t care. Just as long as it’s far away from here. I love my kids, but I do NOT love being a mom. My marriage is nearly sex-less. I feel unloved. I don’t have anybody to talk to or care for me. I feel alone. I am sad, and I want out. I can’t leave because I’m not financially able. I can’t leave because of family obligations. I can’t leave because I can’t face the humiliation, of being wrong, of everybody else being right. I want to leave, but I can’t. I just want to start over fresh, without looking back.

15 thoughts on “I Want to Leave My Family

  1. You should check out the section on here “hate being a mom” to know that you are not alone. There are many of us out here that feel the same way you do. Don’t give up, talk to someone. My husband and I discussed this last night, he understood and is willing to help. You are not alone.

  2. wow you took the words right out of my mouth…. except I love being a mom, but am so depressed I am basically worthless to my kids. I just feel like screaming! my husband says he loves me but he doesn’t really, otherwise he would show it…. I really love him but I think I need to get away from it all for a while… kids, hubby and this house! I am going crazy… i can’t leave either thanks to finances and I couldn’t just leave my kids… I don’t trust anyone else to look after them in this ocuntry

  3. country I mean!! I feel like screaming and am constantly depressed. I am there for my husband but he can’t look past his own worries to see how everything eats away at me, and if he does put up with it he is so rude like rolls eyes, cuts me off, etc…. no one is meant to live with this amount of stress but he himself would say that he is soooo stressed he can’t think of anyone else.. that’s true his problems come before everyone else’s.. I just wish he would put our kids and I first for once.

  4. Just finished reading all the posts under ‘hate being a mom’ and was about to sign out when I seen this post, for a minute I thought I wrote it! Believe me we all feel like that sometimes. As Momofone suggests they are well worth reading, for we are not alone! I certainly feel a hell of a lot better just knowing that

  5. oh honey, im sorry. i know how tough that is. im sorry youre having a difficult time with things. why are you having such a hard time enjoying your kids? i hope you figure out the right path for you and find peace. good luck.

  6. I feel the same way you are not alone, I often think of leaving as well but am not financially stable to do so I am not content with my life at all and it’s depressing the hell out of me!!!!

  7. ya know, ive done that.. its really not all its cracked up to be.. stay, find a way to keep busy, find something that is just you.. volunteer, join a class, learn a new hobby, walk in the woods..

  8. You forgot to say way you can’t leave…. Because your a mom!!!! Mothers don’t run away from their kids because they are depressed and fill no self worth. How selfish of you I have a 10 year old moderately disabled child I have severe anxiety attacks, I can’t stand my husband, and my family is juvenile and condescending. The last thing I would every do is run away from my beloved offspring who did not ask to be in this world. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and never wish to leave your kids because God forbid they leave this earth before you, your heart will not be able to bear the pain.

  9. I do feel the same way i been trying to leave my husband for years, and have three kids i always and up sucking it up and getting busy on something else it will pass in a few weeks. Just stay strong i know xactly how u feel. but dont do it dont leave i always stay because i know my kids will eventually grow up and leave to live their own lives and then i can live my life the way i want with my hubby or alone that is when i can make a true decisionl. Mean while i will raise my children and hope love them even though i dont want to sometimes. Take care and god bless you

  10. It is really not fair of you to call someone selfish when you read a 1 paragraph blurb about her life. She is trying to reach out for some support she doesn’t need anyone telling her she is bad or flawed for that. My only hope is that she doesn’t tell her kids that she wants to leave but can’t. I am the product of that my mom telling me everyday I am a life sentence for her; really boosts the old confidence level. To the initial poster can you take a break from them? Have a few hours to yourself or take the weekend and go visit a cousin or friend or be alone. I hope all the best for you I know the feeling of being trapped and it is a totally hopeless feeling.

  11. Being a mother is the most rewarding job in the world. However, like all jobs, there are good times and bad times. Not being appreciated is one of the hardest things for moms. We do so much and sometimes feel like nobody sees or appreciate us. Well, I am here to tell you that I appreciate all these moms that sacrifice so much for their families. I too feel like running away but I know that I would get two blocks down the street and then want to come right back. The reason why is because no matter what happens I love my family. Even if I feel loney and depressed and unappreciated. I still love them. Just like God will never leave us because He loves us.

  12. I feel exactly the same! Like my husband an kids dnt appreciate me! All i do and no one cares! I hv teenage girls, who cant even clean behind themselves. Its not that they wasnt taught theyrw just lazyy! Anytime anything goes wrong my husband blames me and no one understands! Somedays i wana just keep driving and never come bk! But i cant go away for a day without missing thhem! Im sick with Lupus and i have Cancer n i juust know the stress is going to eventually kill me! I tell them! No one cares!

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