I stole from my father

*Long post* I stole money from my dad last year. Around £3,000. He was visiting as he lives abroad. He regularly asked me to buy things for him online for him to take home with him. Fair enough.
Anyone who knows him knows he has a favourite child. My older sibling. It’s not something he kept secret so I grew up being used to it.
One night I heard him talking to someone on the phone. He was telling them how my sibling was his favourite and how he loved them more, would do anything for them no matter what the cost. He explained how he gives them anything they want, mostly money, and is always there to help them.
Something snapped. I thought about all the years I had struggled and asked him for help only to be told that he didn’t have the money or couldn’t help me. I’d done nothing but love him the way a child should. I’d shunned my own mother for years because of the lies he told me about her. He retired and went abroad when I was 10. He never helped my mother financially once he’d pissed off. (My mother and I have only recently managed to start having a decent relationship and she has told me the truth about everything!)..anyway, after the few online purchases I’d made for him, his card details were stored on my PayPal and that was that. Once he’d gone back home, I started buying anything and everything I could. It started out as little cheap things, food, clothes. Then bigger, more expensive things for my home. It was easy – and I was so angry. After a few months, the card payments kept getting declined so I stopped. A couple weeks later, he phoned me asking if I knew anything about it. I denied it. Then I didn’t hear from him again. Instead I heard from the favourite child who started threatening me with the police and such. I never admitted it or denied it. Just agreed to pay it back monthly. Which I did/am doing. Do I feel bad? No. Which is awful. I just feel like he deserved it. I feel shitty in general for stealing because I know that is not who I am! I’ve still got around £1,000 to pay back. I quit paying a couple months ago as money is tight. I heard today that he’s back in the country. I guess that’s why this is at the forefront of my mind. I might get the book handed to me soon knowing him and my sibling. My only regret would be if this messed up my life now. I have a kid and things have been going pretty great recently. I have no idea what to do..

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