I Miss Myself

I have a beautiful baby girl, another baby on the way, a wonderful husband and I am somehow miserable. I love them dearly but I miss my old self. I miss being on my own, independent with no one depending on me. I feel ashamed to be unhappy.

One thought on “I Miss Myself

  1. Don’t feel ashamed! You can’t blame yourself. Mothers have so many people depending on them and it can get overwhelming. Try to get some time to yourself every now and then. I am in the same boat. I can’t remember the last time I said I want to go here and just did it without having to worry about a sitter or getting more than myself ready to go. As a mother you have to not only worry about yourself, but your kids and a lot of the times your husband. And you ask yourself, so who is worried about ME? (if I have eaten, what I am going to wear, if I feel ok, etc…) It gets better though when your kids are bigger since they won’t depend on you as much, but then you will miss being so busy. You will be ok and don’t be ashamed. There is no right way to feel.

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