229 thoughts on “I killed my baby

  1. You are a horrible person if this is true. You will have to answer for this eventually. Maybe not in this life but you will pay dearly

  2. i don’t think you should confess, that’d be stupid, but i mean, it was bad to frame your husband. but justice should be served, but it’d be stupid to confess. if your husband hasn’t been locked up for long, confess, if hes in the middle, confess, if hes VERY VERY VERY close to done, dont confess i think… but i mean unless hes like 1 day away from it i think you should DEFINITELY confess. it’s unfair, illegal, and yeah… i dont even know if what im saying is legal -\(u.u)/-

  3. your husband shouldnt spend his life in prison for a crime you committed. confess. you’ve already destroyed your baby’s life, you can keep from destroying your husbands. do the right thing and confess.

  4. Well not sure if you have one of those metal illnesses that happens to some rare amount of women, but you should confess. The man that loved you enough to get you pregnant does not deserve to be in jail and as for you the court will probably request treatment and you won’t be in jail long. But it’s kind of f***** up your husband needed up in jail. Oh the other option is to kill yourself, you f***** uo enough lives.

    1. Are you serious?!?! She made a horrible mistake, but she shouldn’t kill herself! everyone can change, she should confess and face the consequences but life is still worth living

    2. What the faq is wrong with you??! Who… Why would you kill your baby?!? And then have your husband do the time?!WTF!!?! Lady I don’t know, but I do know that to kill someone or something needs a reason to why you’d wanna do it. And to be honest with you killing a baby shouldn’t even be a tought. I hope you understand that your child could have been alive this moment living life. You’re not okay. Confess and sort your shit out. You can think about what you did sitting in a cell you yuh faqing pshyco. I really hope you ask for forgiveness. (Can’t believe a mother would do this to a child) Wow that is wrong, evil, morally wrong and against the law. I can honestly Wright a whole book this topic.

    3. Postpartum psychosis. Being a new parent, I can see where some of these women come from. I love the hell out of my son but damn, sometimes he just drives me bonkers.

  5. Was it an accident? A moment of insanity? Postpartum depression affects many new mothers. I think more information is required before passing judgement and trying to give advice, although, I agree that she should come clean. I had a friend who constantly berated herself that she killed her child, when in fact, her little girl died of SIDS. If the husband is innocent, what made the authorities think he was? I just don’t know what else to say about this. I really hope this is a sick joke or a troll. SMH

    1. postpartum depression isn’t an excuse for anything and especialy not murdering your own child!! that term is nothing but a very vague term for any kind of “depression” after having a baby and it includes obvious and normal reasons like feeling unprepared for the responsibility or simply realizing that you don’t want a baby and be a mother.
      women who murder their child simply cause they wanted to get rid of him/her get the stupid “postpartum depression” protection and people ignore her guilt and put it on somebody else cause they don’t want those cases to hurt their illusion of how any mother is a good parrent who love her children and protects them.
      and that is probably the answer for your question: “what made the authorities think he was?” its much more convinient to blame the father.

  6. I don’t even have to curse at you. You broke your own heart…….but your husband didn’t. He didn’t kill your baby. He didn’t kill your baby. He didn’t kill your baby. He was born independent of you. He had to live his own issues. He shouldn’t be losing his life for yours.
    I can’t tell you how to be brave enough to turn yourself in but I can say it would be outrageously brave considering you weren’t before. It means you would have to be different from who you are now and who you are now is a killer and a coward.

  7. Don’t meant to be a smart arse, but do you guys realize that the person who wrote this confession most likely made it up just because they are a troll and bored….I doubt this woman actually killed her child, if she even is a woman and actually has a child at all in the first place….

    1. it seems like you aren’t aware to the fact that many women killed their children and that in most cases where the child is murdered by a parrent it is the woman who done it. but this fact is being ignored cause women who do it usualy get a lot of protection from retards who use the “postpartum depression” crap(which is nothing more than normal bad mood from the responsibility of taking care of the baby and/or regret for having one) to justify murder cause they can’t handle the fact that being a woman doesn’t makes you better person or a parrent than a man.

  8. Understand the weight of your shame. Your punishment may come when you die and are judged by God. Take this time to repent. Think on this sin. What must you do to burn this stain from your soul and clean your conscience?

    You have chosen your actions. The consequences are yours to bear and your alone.

    God will not judge you until your time has come. God gives us the time while we’re alive to learn from and correct our mistakes. I advise you to do the same.

  9. i think you should come clean. After something that bad, you already are doing something wrong, but letting someone else take the fall? It’s messed up, and you have any consience at all, you will fix the situation.

  10. Some heated responses to this one. I’m leaning towards the likelihood that this girl posted a false statement to get some entertaining reactions. People do it all the time online. Congrats to her too! She succeeded! Think of the happy satisfaction she must have reading all of these responses from people boiling with anger at her made up words.

  11. Your a low life pathetic piece of trash! There is no excuse for what you did my sister was 17 when she had her kid wasn’t married was going out with the babys daddy, he was abusing her personally but not once did she let him lay a finger on her little boys body she does everything possible to make sure he gets everything he deserves she works extra hours to be able to afford him the toys clothes and food she struggles to pay bills but she works hard for her money her son is the world to her and he is the most precious spoiled luckiest baby alive I’m so proud of her THAT’S WHAT A MOM DOES! Someone was bouncing him he hit his head she freaked out starting crying held him close calmed him down rocked him an made sure he was ok no normal mom with a right mind would ever be able to even watch her son get killed sick minded freak!

  12. and even if this isn’t real, people that may have the same problems then I hope your learn from my advice. And remember no negative shit!

  13. Look people I am not religious so don’t give me the God or Jesus stuff! Whatever this woman has done you do not have the right to give her abuse on here, she has looked for help and you’r not giving it to her. If you were in this much of a state you wouldn’t like it if people were telling you that you’r sick and that you need help when you’r looking for advice. I will admit that this is not the ideal place to post your confessions but you need to see somebody that is qualified to deal with your problems. Does anybody know if her husband didn’t want her to get in trouble and he wouldn’t let her take the blame? Or if killing her baby was an accident? I’m sure that if you all did something terrible then you would try to get out of it, this is what she’s trying to do so everybody lay off and only post on here if you will be supportive.

    Now I think you should seek help and ignore all the negative posts that have been put on here.
    I wish you the best of luck ♥

  14. God loves you no matter what you’ve done and how bad and unforgiveable your sin is. I am not in the place to tell you what you should do but I want you to come to Jesus, the one who loves you like no one EVER will!! God IS real! Do you think this complex place we call our universe happened by chance?? Not possible!!! Read the bible and you’ll learn that he is mighty and can get you through this situation and give you eternal life. Read Romans 3:23 and 6:23 and John 3:16


  16. ummmm… I bet the person who posted this hasn’t looked back on it. How do you even know its a true confession??…
    People make me laugh.

  17. i would just like to say, that if you didn’t want your kid, you shouldn’t have had sex. Moreover, youre a murderer and so you should probably hold remorse. I wouldn’t kill anyone, but imagine what could’ve happened if you would’ve just givin it up for adoption. That baby could’ve been president fifty years from now. Your decision altered not just your husband and child’s lives, not even just yours. You have altered the world, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  18. Maybe she thought it was the best to kill her baby because she was addicted or didnt have perspectives, maybe the child was the result of being raped, we dont know.
    the only thing is that she let her husband be in prision for it, thats what i dont understand. dont put ursef into the situation that u actaully still want pitty in, because u dont deserve it.
    turn urself in, please.


  20. …. Peopl, are you really debating over this? And stop bringing religion into a simple situation like a baby being killed, it’s got nothing to do with God. Sure, we don’t know the whole story, she was quite vague. Not only that, how do we even know this is real? You know how much bullshit people post on the internet? But, for this “anonymous” mother, let’s believe it’s true, for instance; well, she did wrong, and took it even farther by letting her husband pay the price. I guess you could bring religion into this by the mere fact that if there is a Heaven and Hell, she’ll definitely be going down below. Sooner or later, she’ll pay the price, and the crazy psycho will die a horrible death :D

    1. Like anything adoption carries its own dark skeletons, cruel stupid people can adopt and be infertile. There’s not enough in the post to actually get a clear cut picture of the situation to JUDGE since that’s what it seems this website is about. Even a legal judge waits before “judging” and even then a jury is involved and not allowed to vent and rage against the defendant. Shoot, pitch and fork era was centuries ago. Furthermore, whether this is real or not its a situation that unfortunately happens every day, its amusing to see such empathy from a crowd visiting the site for secret confession, yeah nice.

  21. I’m 13 and you people are all stupid. Instead of helping her you are just making her depressed…srsly…omg
    Don’t call her a bitch or don’t say she is coldhearted. It doesn’t freaking HELP! gosh, I wish you all would accidently kill your sons and daughters…how would you feel? Going to jail and people saying to you that you are a coldhearted bitch?
    Just calm down and try to help her…
    Btw. @Anonymous … It’s srsly not cool to say that someone deserves to die…nobody deserves to die. Even if you killed over 9000 people…you should still get a chance. You f****** basterds, you only think of yourself :(

    1. dude shut up.

      your on her side? i agree that people get second chances but….

      she killed it?

      freaker your only thirteen

    2. … HELPING HER??? WHY IN THE ******************************** ****** ***** Sshould she be helped you MORON?! You’re calling US stupid?! You’re a 13 year old kid! Don’t act like you know better, cause obviously you don’t, imagine YOUR mom killing you. Yeeeaaah, not so smart now, huh?

    3. BTW, how do you even KNOW it was an accident, I think she would’ve mentioned it was an accident if it was one, don’t you think? And btw, you mustn’t have learned how to read yet, kid. But she didn’t go to jail, HER HUSBAND did.

      1. **** off you bastards. There is always going to be at least one person with a different opinion from u. That doesn’t make them retards. . Takura, I agree with you, everyone deserves,a second chance. Death is a sin, but there is no measure of sin. Killing 1000 people and killing 1 person are very different, yet they are both the same amount of sin. Destroying a life should not cost another. I she loved the man in prison, she would be begging to set him free. Maybe she will. The human mind is very strange, a small problem (such as something like losing your job) Conrad to a more serious one like this.

    4. Seriously dude, stfu. You’re thirteen, you don’t know shit all.
      Wanna fend for her? Go ahead, but that doesn’t make it right if she did kill her kid or now.
      He was a baby, had no chance to stop her.
      So why don’t you do us all a favor, and go jump in a hole. :)

      1. why dont all of u guys stfu!! she may be 13 but she’s alot more mature than you! alls you want is to put someone down and make your life feel better! you want to be seen as some super hero person who never does anything wrong. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone… i aint religous but that is true and dont judge someone on what they have done. i am not saying what she has done is right but stop f****** judging her, she might be your next door neighbour, or best friend. plus takura allowed to have her own opinion right or wrong and you cant bully her into changeing it… we are talking human rights here!!! so stfu you ignorant f****** morons!!!

        1. I agree with “Pip age 17”
          Why are you all screaming about this? You dont know every detail. Maybe it was shaken baby syndrome. Maybe she was drunk. Maybe she just snapped. Does that make it right? No. But neither are you dumb ***** who think you know every detail. This woman is obviously feeling guilty. And maybe in some way her husband is to blame. Maybe he was abusive and she didnt get out in time. Maybe they both had a part in this. Either way, you all need to stfu! Sadly the 17 year(or whom I assume is 17 based on the name) old and 13 year old are more mature then you “adults” out there. And by the way, in case you wondering Im not “one kid sticking up for another” as most will probably think. Im 20.

          To the Woman Poster: You need to turn yourself in if you truly did kill you baby. But dontlisten to these dumb ***** Killing yourself isnt the answer. And you not worthless. You just made a REALLY bad mistake. You may not be able to get your son back but you can turn yourself in to see that justice is served. If any part of you regrets what you did, then do this for your son.

  22. what kind of sick person kills there child? im 15, and you deserve to die not the child. you disgraceful person.

    1. Lol this is funny but also serious. I mean wat kind of person wuld do tht? U r a coldhearted bitch. i hope u live a lonely and miserable life full of guilt and regret. wow google is amazing. but hey im juz a bored 12 year old. U deserve to die. Good Luck

    1. false. read the bible properly. know what you’re talking about before you say anything. going to church alone won’t save you.

      1. Believing in an archaic method of salvation such as religion, set up by the government of earlier times to have more control over its people will not save you either. :/

        1. You might be atheistic, but most of us aren’t, so please, be less offensive respect your and our beliefs when you give your oppinion.

      2. You do talk as if you believe you’re christian but I just don’t feel you really are. Sorry, but you should stop using the bible to argue with other posters.

  23. Lol… The people who posted here are so stupid. YOU ARE GETTING PLAYED probably by some bored 14 year old kid who wants attention.

  24. Damn your crazy y would someone kill their child. Would u like someone killing u! I dont think so!!! And y would u let ur husband take the blame for it, it was u and ur so selfish that u dont care if someone else gets in trouble as long as its not u!! God is going to punish u for this just wait and see u crazy *****!!!!!

  25. well killing ur baby wasnt smart u betta hope ur husband is ok u stupid cow im15 and hav 2 kids do u c me killing them?? no my aunty looks afta them for me u could hav just givin it to a family membahh stupid cow or put it up for adoption if u didnt want it anymore if u couldnt look afta it rite then

  26. Whoa google does bring up some wierd shit. lady, if in fact you did kill your son the fact that you have to deal with that the rest of your life is punishment enough honestly. turning yourself in wouldnt make you feel better it would just put you in a worse position than your at now. dooing your time in the state pen is not going to make you feel as if your paying your toll for killing your baby, if anything you’ll die in there for killing your baby. I say start all over. kill yourself and reincarnate. lol sounds hard but i’ve killed five people than killed myself five times. every time i reincarnated as a new person with no blood on my hands! There was that one time though i came back as bloody asshole though…:S

  27. its hilarious to see so many people making a fool out of themselves!

    its blatantly a joke so stop getting so worked up about it!

  28. Thats brings tears to my eyes. So sad that you thought that would be any kind of solution. :(

    Even worse because I can’t have children.

  29. you could get a hacker to find out where she published this at with her I.P. if there is a case in what ever state she is in with a man in jail for killing his baby then show the authorities this page. and boom if she was stupid enough to post this on her computer then she will be brought to justice and her husband released. In fact I might do just that. She deserves to go to to the electric chair its just to bad she probably lives in a state that doesn’t have it.

    We will see B-itch. Getting my old tools right now.

  30. what on earth is wrong with you? this world is getting mad. have you heard about adoption? its when u give your child a chance to be happy with someone else who is gonna love him and who would be pleased to keep a baby, and not let it die in the hands of its crazy mother. have you heard of infertile people? its people who cant conceive, and it would make them the happiest people ever to have a baby boy, like the one you killed. u deserve to go to jail. how can you sit at home knowing all youve done and someone else is paying for it.. think it through and go hang yourself you would do the whole world a big favour, we have enough crazy people. we could all do without you, no1 feels sorry for you definately not me. and stop sounding like ur the victim i hate you

  31. has anyone contemplated that this is just some sort of sick excuse of a joke to someone to see how many people comment so they can laugh because they have nothing better in life to do than to stir up feelings out of people

    1. LOL it’s possible, you know when I first found this web it was because I needed to get something out of my chess, but then I read other confessions that were awful like this one, and thought: “Hey, I could post I did something really terrible and no one would know it’s a lie.” So I did.
      Of course, what I wrote was, I admit it, not believable at all so it wasn’t published.

  32. you crazy ass bitch u hope you get caught one day and you go to jail and your husband gets out you are a coward i hope god doesnt forgive you but hes a great person i know he will bt for wat you did to your child there has to be justice but remeber but right it down get it in your head PAYBACKS A BITCH one day your day will come…….

    1. you seem like you believe in God. you know cursing others is a sin? and every sin is equal in His eyes. and guess what, the penalty for sin is death! hey!

      you are no better. don’t be so arrogant

      1. oh my god in the old testament god had different punishments for different crimes. stop taking the bible out of contest. me killing your mom is not! the same as me telling your mom to f**K off

      2. youre all sick people in Gods eyes thats my belief! committing murder is a comandment something as small as sex before marriage also a sin can not be compared to taking a little child and killing it what if it happened to you?????

    2. I feel for you. In may 2013, I sawed my nephew to death With a bread knife. Please, 2 things.
      1)don’t commit suicide
      2) God will forgive you. I personally am not a Christian but I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance.
      3)get your husband out of prison. If he is the man you once married, you must love him enough to know this isn’t right.

  33. You killed your own child I am 18 and have 2 1 yearold girls and I would give up my life for bolth of them I wouldn’t be able to look my kids in the face and kill them.

  34. “Anna says: March 8, 2010 at 5:48 am her husband didnt kill the baby, she did

    Reply Anonymous says: March 9, 2010 at 12:19 pm yeah anna is right her husband is taking the blame she killed her baby ”

    Maybe she says she killed her baby because the husband was abusing the child but she refused to move out or get away from the man because she loved him. When the husband killed her baby,she is left alone; no baby, no husband. She feels guilt that she COULD have saved her baby. resulting in that she sees herself as a murderer in the end from taking no appropriate action.

    1. its a posibility, but i think, based on what she said, that you just “searching for the fith leg”, i mean, she said that the husband took the blame so that means that she in fat kill her baby.

    2. asb is right.

      Not to mention that her confession is “I killed my baby.” If she didn’t do it then why didn’t she explain clearly the reason she feels like it? The point of this web is to confess and she did, just that in the wrong place.

  35. how can u kill a human being that was ur kid, please turn yourself in, if you cant do it for your husband do it for your son please do it.

  36. Honestly people. Is this a religious debate or what? True, God does play a role in this. However, whether or not you believe that does not give anyone a right to bash her choices. Yes it was wrong, but instead of taking stabs at her, why not try to comfort her? Do you know she intended this to happen? You don’t. Consider it. Everyone has done something wrong. Why else are we commenting on this site and why are we on here anyway? What makes her bad choice so much worse than our own? Sleeping with bosses and married people, hating a situation YOU got yourself into, or being addicted to porn or sex or drugs. Everyone has a problem. I believe that all the “sins” are equally sinful. One is not worse than another. Its all one in the same. So lay off, and try giving comfort instead. Stop saying she’s sick when those of you who bash her are just as sick. Me included. I’m not saying I’m a perfect person here either. I’ve made my share of mistakes too. If you don’t agree with me, fine. But for the sake of others, please be a little bit more respectful.

    Hang in there. Look for counseling if possible. You just have to push through. Confessing what you’ve done would work the best. You have an awesome husband to take this for you. No one is perfect. Yet for some reason, we all seem to get through.

    1. wether she intended it to happen or not shes letting someone else pay 4 what she did. i cant begin to compare the sins in a equal way. its not the same to be addicted to drugs, were u are affecting yourself by own choice, than to take someone elses life, if she wanted to kill she shud kill herself thats a good enough sin without involving inocent people. i cant agree with you and she doesnt deserve comfort shes cold blooded and i would do anything to have a child. people are going mental and the last thing she needs is to be the victim in the story

      1. I totally agree with pinki. She should at least claim responsibility for it instead of ruining her husband’s life. She already ruined her baby son’s life and now she’s ruining her husband’s. A sick person like her should not go free — seek help and get in jail.

      2. agree with the person who wront “Chill.”
        a sin is a sin is a sin; every sin is equal in God’s eyes. a man who’s killed a million is the same as a man who’s killed “just” one. there are no degrees of sin, and the penalty for sin is death. those among you who are without sin, let yourself cast the first stone. are you so self-righteous as to dare do so?

        pinki, you (and everyone else, me included) are no less a sinful person than a man who rapes and kills. don’t judge, don’t cast that first stone. none of us are without sin. only by grace are we saved. so be the better person. we don’t know enough about the person who started this thread. her words may be harsh and concise, but again, who are we to judge?


        1. what if god isnt real? Leave religion out of it and give a normal, sane, and general response. Hate how christians always put religion on others. Look at what religion is doin to billions of people around the world. Good to few, horror for many.

          1. too bad gods not real, but this lady is evil. I mean seriously guys, its obvious god isnt real, someone just made him up… religion just starts wars and kills people. we’re better without it.

          2. To :D

            First you’re no one to questionate our beliefs, second, the main topic here is the fact a seemingly non-human woman killed her innocent three-years old baby and is also letting her husband pay for it, NOT whether God exists, and yes, he does.

  37. Wow, how could you be such an insensetive crzy bitch? That’s your own baby that you f****** killed bitch! And being scared is no f****** excuse not to confess! YOU CAUSED YOUR HUSBAND TO GO TO JAIL, because YOU are an enormous coward. You better f****** confess sooner or later. Your husband could be going crazy in there, just like you already are, you f****** psychopathic bitch. You should be in f******, f******, f******, f******, F****** jail right now before you steal another f****** life. YOU F****** CRAZY BITCHBITCHBITCH WOW I’M SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW. How could somebosy be so genuinely f****** STUPID? Well, whatever. I’m done. Have fun living with the fact the you killed your own f****** child and had your f****** husband be punished for it. Once again, you F U C K I N G B I T C H.
    Have fun.
    – Kate

    1. I did not read all of the comments posted to this confession but, I have to say that I am sick to my stomach by this. Yes in God’s eyes no sin in greater then the other and as imperfect beings we are all born sinners but, as a mother and a human being I WILL NOT compair killing a life that GOD entrusted you with to love and protect to something petty like telling a lie. The way I view it is a life for a life. I hope the legal system in whatever state or country this MONSTER lives in brings her to justice and I hope where ever that may be that they have the death penality and that she gets it.

      1. not Perfect, get off the podium please. The melodramatic sermon is pointless here.

        OP, you need to confess. An innocent man is in jail because of your lie, even if you live freely for the rest of your life, you’ll never really be free. Confess.

  38. Sick Disgusting Brutal Person . You Should Be Dead By Know . Don’t Care About This Crap Nonsense About God Is Watching Him . Go To Hell Or Better , Kill Yourself .



  40. Wait, is the husband taking the blame for it because he wants to? Or did she tell the police he did it and he couldnt prove his case that he didnt? Did she ruin his life for something she did or does he love her enough to take the blame. Im confused?

  41. ummm, really? if you honestly did kill youre child and this isnt some sort of prank, seek mental help. something is really f***ed up in your brain either way.

  42. I actually cant believe what im seeing, first of all, how can ye all talk abou god and jesus, this is not a fight about religion of who believes in what and who you should turn to, this woman killed her baby and all ye can talk and bitch about is atheists and god, have ye any sense or any respect for any one else.

  43. I have a comment for all the people asking what kind of human being this person is… Originally when we were all cavemen and ran on primal instincts we all killed, there were no nuns, no judges or jurys no vegitarians everyone killed and raped and hurt and committed “the seven deadly sins”. Those primal instincts are still inside of us we supress them tell ourselves they’re wrong but we still revert to them when push comes to shove. Now I’m not saying that what this woman did (if she did it, there isn’t proof) was right or just; motherly instincts are also primal but you can’t be so cruel and mean to her when if it came right down to it, you could kill someone with your own hands in the blink of an eye. In conclusion I would like to say, don’t preach to this woman, not everyone is Catholic or Atheist. Maybe she is Jewish or Muslim. I agree with the person before who said that science and religon are completely different things. He/she is right and they can live calmly beside one another, I am catholic and an evolutionary phsycologist.

  44. The best thing to do is to confess. Not to God, he won’t do anything, he’ll just hope or something. You need to be brought to light, You killed your baby, accept it, now your husband is in jail for it. Get him out confess. It will be hard, but its the best for everyone. Don’t let your husband be blamed for something as horrible as this, when he didn’t do it. imagine how he must be feeling right now. It doesn’t matter if it was an accident. Don’t let there be anymore PAIN.

  45. Can you all calm down? Don’t interfere with peoples beliefs, don’t interfere with peoples tradition. It’s a part of being human and in our psychology. I can’t hear any of you complain that your dead beloved ones are being buried in a graveyard, or getting presents for christmas?

  46. sorry I forgot to add something. Ashitaka your one of the only people in this world who isn’t preaching about God I mean there could be a God but they say all about he forgives anything.

  47. Why’d you kill your baby? Was it on purpose? Did you have a good reason? Are you lying? Damn thats heavy. You need to get your crap together.

  48. its amazing how so much can come from one sentence . this is secret confessions . This woman clearly has been thinking about it . yes , her baby is dead and now will be in a better place , whether its heaven , or after life , i don’t know . its depends on her religeous beliefs . yes , her husband has been blamed . and if she is a true human , which she must have some little form of since she was able to put this on the interent , probably because she feels sorry , since she put this one for thousands to see shows she has guilt for the things she’s done . we are human . we make mistakes . some greater than others . and no , i’m not saying we should just forgive you for murdering your own offspring . i’m not here to write down ” what a terrible person !” i’m here to give advice for what she should do now . i do believe you should go confess . whether it be in a church , or to police . i DEFINETLY say to confess to the police since your husband is in prison for what you’ve done . the guilt will be lessened that way .

    all i really have left to say is what has happened has happened . a life has been lost . all theres left to do now is to move on , and talk to the police . get your husband out of prison .
    the things you have done are definetly unforgivable . but through time , and obvious improvment , definetly therapy , you’ll be fine . i wish your family well , and may your baby rest in peace .

  49. This is absurd, how could anybody possibly try and justify this woman? She murdered an innocent child. Even if you were to blame this on PPD, she still allowed her husband to be sent to jail. And the whole “God/Jesus will save your soul” thing is insane. If their was a God, I highly doubt he would forgive you for what you’ve done. So everyone preaching about Jesus and PPD, please, think about the irrationality of what you’re saying.

  50. You need to ask yourself these questions:

    1. Why you did it.
    2. Why your allowing your poor husband to be punished for a soemthing he didin’t do. You techincally have framed him.
    3. What you can do for justice. The only thing that can make these things a fraction better is to turn yourself in.

    Think of your husband, wondering why he is in a jail cell. Its sick that you have framed him like that. When you did your vows, you said to your husband” I will love and honor you for all the days in my life.” Are you doing that?
    Jail isn’t as bad as grieving away at home. God will take care of you.

    I hope you do the right thing.

  51. I don’t get it, why’d you do it? Was it by accident? What you wrote makes you look insane
    Give an explanation of how it happend, why it happend.
    If you post this on the internet, you might aswell let people understand, what it is you did. I mean, why’d you post it, if no one realy understands, what you’re trying to tell them

  52. Hey,
    Don’t feel bad for what you’ve done. There’s no way you can get your baby back, and I’m sure it was by accident, or for a good reason he died. As for your husband, I say move, go far away, somewhere he can’t find you, and forget about him.
    Good luck for your life.

  53. you know that your husband is probably getting the shit kicked out of him on a daily basis and raped repeatedly. baby killers dont last long…

  54. BTW: as a woman, I don’t get what you did. You are terrible to me. You don’t exist. That a woman can kill her own child…

    that’s awful.

  55. The hell with God. You reacted in the best way you could. That you are talking about this on an internet website means that you clearly feel guilt over what you did.

    You need to do something about this. Your husband is in jail either a)wrongly being accused of this crime or b)knowingly taking the blame for you.

    Post natel depression can be rough, but if you take your life please leave a note that exonerates your husband and gets him out of jail! What’s the point of him doing time if you get off scot free?

  56. let god into your heart. he loves us all and all it takes to get forgiveness from hime is to ask him. get yourself baptised. start over. i’m sorry for what happened. don’t let those other people bother you. they don’t know your situation. they have problems of their own and the only reason they should even say anything to you is to help you. see a counselor too. it will help. withhout god we are nothing. i can’t imagine what you are going through. you NEED to talk to god and ask him for forgiveness. it doesn’t matter what you did. he may not agree with what you did but he will forgive you. ONLY IF YOU ASK HIM TO! after you do he never will hold it against you. god will do what he needs to do with your husband. if you love your husband, you will visit him. god would admire that. good luck. remember: GOD LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT! :)

  57. you need to tell people who understand what you were going through, not random strangers, i dont understand and nor do they as a lot can be judged from one short sentence.

  58. You’ve confessed to the whole world, but can’t bring yourself to confess to the police. Maybe its fear, maybe its selfishness. Either way, you’ve just told any number of millions of people but you can’t take the blame. Ask yourself why and you might find a surprising answer.

  59. for me, it’s rather difficult to offer judgment when i don’t even know anything beyond one undetailed line. it’s amusing how many people are quick to jump on the issue with harsh criticisms. if i were you, unless i were after self-flagellation, i would not post on this website again. it’s clear what kind of people the majority that frequent here are.

  60. @Dan Morton, you are an idiot. Go be pregnant for 9 months, have that baby, suffer through the following depression and the loss of blood, while your baby is keeping you up at night causing sleep deprivation, and then you come back here and tell us that it never crossed your mind to do something to your baby.

    I’m not saying it’s okay, but you’re a real bastard to judge her so harshly for it. Especially since you’d know nothing about having a baby to begin with.

    To the author. I’m sorry for you. You need to get help though because it will eat away at you. I also believe in karma and I know it will come back to bite you some day (or maybe killing your baby was the karma that came back to you for something else) but I don’t think you should be so harshly judged by religious freaks.

  61. Internet junkie idiots? You say this yet surely what we apparently ‘junkies’ say is entirely valid? It is a cardinal sin and against the law in all states to kill – let alone something that cannot defend itself and has no choice – to live or to die. Life cannot be simply taken from another – no matter the mental illness – and then go unnoticed and unrebuked. The likelihood is that this woman is not one of the 1 in 10 million people that have that condition you are describing. This woman is confessing on here because she feels guilt – a person who does not know their own actions does NOT feel guilt!! Nobody can argue a defense for this woman so dont even try.

  62. Seriously, you make me feel sick. Even if it as a mistake, dont let your husband take the blame. And also, confessing it on the internet, either youre lying or youre pathetic. And learn how to spell ‘been’. Just to remind you what you have done: a) destroyed an innocent life that had barely been introduced into the world. b) you have let your husband take the blame and he is now suffering for the shit that you have committed. c) Its been 3 years – you must go to sleep crying every night (if you dont, i seriously hope that you do :s). d) You have the ovaries to confess on the internet but not in real life !!!!! COwards are the worst type of human being. Let alone a coward that kills their innocent baby (probably throttled it with bare hands you sick person), lands their husband in jail and then has led a lie for 3 years…. e) You give men a bad name – people like you should have been killed at birth – you make me sick and i hope to god i never meet anyone like you – EVER!!! There is nothing that you can do to make up – no way of repent. You are innevitably going to die a lonely and painfull death – you deserve it, thats all i have to say.

    1. Quote. “people like you should have been killed at birth”

      Maybe this woman was suffering mentally and believed her son was evil. Paranoid deliousons can be horrific, especially if she was suffering from a depression.

      You’re preaching, but still think she deserves to die. Funny.

    2. Hey! You must actually understand what actually happened before you make judments! The husband might have defended the lady for her crime for his love for his wife. I doubt you actually have any love. Get on with your hatred and judments, all the internet bullies and malicious people out there! Oh yah and please do learn how to spell the word ‘coward’ without a capital in the ‘o’.

  63. novembermist: That’s really how you feel? We’re the internet junkie idiots? When there are people out there who kill innocent children and blame it on postpartum depression? I don’t know how you are able to justify this person’s actions by blaming it on depression. So, you’re saying that if I claim depression, you’d forgive me for killing your baby? Because that’s what it seems like you’re saying. And if so, I feel sorry for you. But I honestly can’t bring myself to feel sorry for this woman.

  64. FYI, all you haters out there; there is a mental illness called “Post Partum Depression”. It happens when a mother gives birth, because her hormones are all wack. When severe, and gone undiagnosed, this can lead to the mother killing her baby. This is known as infantcide, and is usually done in the bottom of the pit of depression much like suicide. It’s not uncommon, unfortunately. And as long as there are jack asses like you who judge people, it will continue to be an issue. So grow up, please. For the sake of humanity.

    for the author: Nothing I can say or do will take the guilt away. Or the pain. But I hope you are able to find help some where, from people less judgmental than a bunch of internet junkie idiots.

  65. its common knowledge that it is wrong that your husband is serving sentence for something that he is not guilty for.

    i dont know the situation in which your son died, whether it was accidental, intentional, or due to a psychological illness.
    i am truly sorry. i cant imagine your pain. for what ever reason all of this came to be, you are still loved. i dont know if there is a g~d or not, but you are still human, and apart of this world and the earth and all of its energies embraces you.

    people make mistakes. some mistakes are more traumatic than others. i dont know what there is to do from here, only you do. and its up to you.

    you are still human. and as a human you still have the right to breathe, love and be loved. we all do heinous things with or with intent. we are all human.

    for whatever reason this all came to be
    there is still love for you. we are all one family, family is about forgiveness.

    1. No we dont leave people who kill their babies. If someone killed your baby, you wouldnt be talking about forgiveness and love, let me tell you that.

      1. Let me tell you something : all of us are humans, and we all make mistakes, but we still deserve forgiveness. Let me ask you how many times you have made mistakes. A lot right? If you cannot have forgiveness for our wrongdoings, you actually should be on your way to hell.

  66. I don’t know what were the circumstances that make that you killed your baby, and if it was really you, but what i dont understand is that your husband is in jail. Even if you were in jail, the hardest part is to pass through it, emotionnaly.But i hope that you will not make suffer any other children, or go see a psy or something, but.. really..

    Everybody can have its own opinion. But Nobody can change what happened.

    P.S.: MissYouAngel, I think that nobody is never in obligation to do something they do not want to do..
    Thats my opinion.

  67. It will be a harder life trying to run from this emotionally than officially paying the price in jail. It will be very brave of you to tell the truth. Ask Jesus for help. You need to right this wrong, whatever the price, it will be hell on earth for you mentally to live knowing someone else is serving time. God Bless you as you make the right decision.

  68. some of you say to judge ourselves before we judge this woman..well i have never killed a baby or any person in my life. so there. this woman deserves what she gets.

  69. i killed my baby too. she wasn’t born yet and i was forced to. she was only 13 weeks old. i miss her everyday and i wonder what she would’ve been like. i know that if i had the chance to see her face i could never do her any harm.. i don’t know what could drive someone to do such a thing. but i know the guilt will be a punishment in itself.

  70. WHY?!
    My baby girl died from cot-death. Not a day goes by when I don’t wish to be able to hold her just one last time.
    How can you have thrown that away??
    Your baby couldn’t defend itself, couldn’t fight… what are you supposed to do when the one person you are supposed to be able to trust, your mother, betrays you in the worst way possible.

  71. Yo enough with the hate. As humans we are susceptible to everything in this world. What has happened (if it’s true) has already happened and no you won’t go to hell.(I hope you read this). But you have put yourself in a hell by living this way. First off it’s hurt you the most and second if you are not honest with yourself you’ve made your life a worthless fraud. Be strong and face life when you find the strength you will be able to get through it.
    Yo and everybody else stop judging and reflect on your own life.

  72. Seriously it’s scary you are a real person. I hope you die. You know you’re going to he’ll right? Baby killer

  73. I think you do need to tell someone who can help, I suggest a councillor who will be able to help you come to terms with it and be able help you serve the punishment that you, and society, believes you need to do.

    You can’t fix what happened then, but you can stop the consequences of keeping quiet about it now.

    Suicide is not the answer, truth is.

  74. First of all I commend you for admitting that your son’s death is your fault. I know that couldn’t have been easy. I find it incredible what some people have replied to you, for you can never know a person without having walked in their shoes. It is very judgemental to cast you to the devil without knowing any of the facts in the matter. You never did say if it was an accident or on purpose or how the act was committed. You never even really stated whether or not you feel guilty (though I suspect you do if you confessed here). What you need to do now is decide what the right thing is to do and whether you can live with whatever decision you make. Know that the Lord will judge you on whether you make the right decision or not and that will determine whether you spend the afterlife with your son in Heaven, or in hell should you choose to continue to allow your husband to take the blame. I urge you to think long and hard and then take responsibility for your actions. Isn’t that what you would have taught your son? How to be responsible? He’s watching.

  75. You should turn yourself in. you put your own husband in prison and you have to live with the guilt for both crimes. my friend Vera killed a child for an inhertince and a year later after her boyfriend Henry dumped her for what she had done, she killed herself by throwing herself over a bridge because of the guilt. in the end she told ever one by suicide note.

  76. does your husband know that it was you? Do you visit him and hear how he is being treated by other prisoners??? a baby killer is the worst of its kind. you are worse than that…. i hope your guilt kills you slowly and painfully.

  77. you need to confess. what you did is horrible and justice must be served
    people like you shouldnt be around

  78. I second that Ivy…. Hopefully you will keep your legs shut and never bring another victom into this world.

  79. How can u live with what you’ve done? How can u live with letting your husband take the blame? Karma is a bitch. You will in the end pay the price for what you’ve done. I don’t believe n heaven or hell or god or the devil but I damn sure believe n karma.

      1. “There is no hiding place from the Father of Creation, and when the man come there will be no no doom” Bob Marley

        Just come out clean with all the facts and set your husband free. Don’t be scared of going to jail coz that were you deserve to be. Slowly but surely it’s gonna kill you coz the innocent blood that you shed its crying out.

        you can’t reverse the deed, turn to God coznothing in this world can heal you. face it, He will save your Soul even if it means you spend the rest of your life in jail, God will see you through.

  80. One consolation, to this, your baby son is definitely in heaven – and Jesus is looking after him…he is in the best care.
    For whatever the reason, only you and God know, why his life ended that way; I am not your judge. You need to turn to the Lord, in a quiet place….on your knees and confess between you and him what you did…Ask the Lord to come into your life…for the truth will set you free…and he will lead you the way you should go and show you what to do…I wont forget you.

    1. It maked me sick to think people truly believe there is a God, and Jesus looks after people. It’s the sickest thing I hear everyday.
      If it makes you feel good, keep it for yourself. Such stupidity actually hurts people, you know.
      I don’t hate any religion. I only hate the fact that you affirm things you don’t know, and act as if everybody agrees with your mental disorder.

      Seriously, find a cure, get locked up in those hospitals for insane people like you.

      1. The person is only saying this to bring comfort to this person who feels remorse for what she did, so what if it makes you sick this might actually make her feel better

        1. She shouldn’t be comforted for fucks sake, she killed her baby, wtf is wrong with you people? do we live in a society where people think its ok to kill there babys? and there is no god, religion is slowing down humanity

          1. Jesus Chris! God have mercy on your soul, thou shall not kill what the f***? I’m a mother and I f****** know that shit ain’t easy but there is no excuse in the world to take that poor child’s life. That poor baby. I hope her/his soul haunts you for the rest of your pathetic life. RIP little one 💔

          2. Wtf did you did.you’re definitely going to pay for it.to unload your sin do something good to others as much as you need

        2. If she feels so much remorse, she should confess and let her husband be released. She doesn’t feel remorse. She is a selfish person who MURDERED AN INNOCENT CHILD! She doesn’t deserve forgiveness, IMHO.

          1. The fact that you think this means you are disgusting. Children aren’t gods to be worshipped, get a hold of yourself. Things die and sometimes, people cause that to happen.

      2. before a judge is a husband and wife sentenced to death the husband pleads with the judge to save his wife and he will go gladly the judge then agrees kills the husband and immediately afterwards kills the wife. the husband died at peace even though it was not true in the end the judge was humane for lifting his burden and cleared the husband of all blame that way.

        what im getting at true or untrue religion is for peoples fears to be tamed. if you didn’t get that and obviously you didn’t it makes this statement above obsolete

      3. Do you actually hear yourself talk. believing that one’s life actually has some sort of meaning is anything form being insane. in fact, if anyone is insane, its you, the wanna be atheist who doesn’t understand what atheism is to begin with. You are the dumb ass of the world who thinks that preaching of atheism and insane asylums makes you the least bit cool. It is very pathetic when I meet or hear talk of an atheist prick or bitch who truly thinks that they are the right ones in matters like this. What is your explanation for how life was created? The matter just somehow happened to turn into living cells that evolved? There is no proof to show half the shit that science tells us (evolution, gravity, big bang), so why the F*** would you believe that, and not religion. Face it, all atheists are hypocrites, and you are no exception.

        1. No proof to show us the shit science teaches us?? You wanna live in a world without science? try for one f****** day to live without science, let’s see how that will go!
          And it isn’t arrogant claiming that you know how all of this happened? scientists, and atheists say they want to know what happened, not that they definitely know, like religious people. This makes us hypocrites?? And not religious people, who despite claiming to be peace and love spreading spend so much time refuting everything science has ever taught us and spreading hate towards people who believe different than them. It’s sickening, and frankly you are being the hypocrite. Stop judging others before you have a good look at yourself. You’re setting a bad example for Christians everywhere

          1. you sound and spell like youre about 15. thats still way too old to think evolution is just a theory. you have internet access. use it. educate yourself. no proof of gravity? im not sure ive ever in my life heard anything quite as ignorant as that. if youre all about proof why dont you show us some to back up a claim, ANY claim the bible makes. adam and eve? a talking snake?? just because people believe a lie for centuries doesnt make it any less of a lie. do some research on how christianity came about. the zealots said youll believe in jesus or we will set you on fire. not exactly a ringing endorsement. you claim to be a christian yet you spew all this vitriol and hate at anyone who dares disagree with you or have a differing opinion, well, that makes YOU the hypocrite.

        2. k well evolution has alot of proof behind it, it is basically unquestionable and to deny it is simply ignorant. gravity is proved just by letting go of something, and the big bang is just a logical theory, much more logical than adam and eve having an inbred family tree that is humanity.
          but i have nothing against religion, it just bothers me how religious people say that things like evolution arent true just because your told otherwise. if religion closes your mind to the obvious or the truth, then i wont have any of it.

        3. Excuse me but i think you are such a horrible person. just because you disagree with someone’s opinion doesn’t mean that there wrong. In truth i am a christian, but i have people in own family who are athiests, and i don’t critisize them or call them rude childish names!

          1. religion and science are in two different areas… Science deals with facts, religion with morals and metaphoric stories… they’re not two sides of the same story… they’re different things… we cannot deny the need for religion, it’s part of the human condition to find explanations to things, and we cannot deny science either (who doesn’t use electricity nowadays, just to mention sth?!) so, please, don’t argue, cause you’ll never reach an agreement… you’re arguing about different things…

        4. Did you ever consider that saying that there is definitely some sort of higher power is just as closed-minded as saying that there is none?

        5. You don’t have the right to talk to atheist like that we or they believe that. The same reason we think its stupid a “spirit” lol could have created this by what?? magic?? I am 13 years I have a religious family but i don’t believe its possible a person or spirit as you may say created it. I believe it was time, space and the particles that created the world and the big bang and more practical and concrete proofs and i think its absurd you depend on a spirit or person for everything and that in the past happened cause they thought everybody died cause of him but medicine was found and proof was shown but we will respect you guys so please respect us too thank you

      4. wow thts so not nice how could you say this god exists and your the one who should get the help what she did was her choice and she made that choice god will start leading her through her life from now on

      5. That is the most ignorant thing I have heard yet. Of course God exists as I have been witness to many miracles and have prayed over and over for other people

        1. And in praying for others to heal, I have seen the results in that and felt it too. I Am an empath, do I am extremely sensitive to the energies of the people around me or who are effected by me.

      6. Practice what you preach, if something makes you feel a certain way, keep it to yourself. Just like no one can affirm that there IS a god no one can affirm that there’s not. You don’t need to rain on anyone’s parade. Whats wrong in finding comfort in something you can’t see? You can’t see air yet you breath, do people who believe in air also make you sick? I’m not even religious…

      7. I believe there is is a higher power, but that’s beside the point. The point is you shouldn’t insult people because of their beliefs, if they have done nothing too you, or anyone else because of it. Please be more respectful.

      8. Don’t be so rude! Personally, I would like to know how your parents educated you! Some people are suffering and you want to add on to their deppression and misery by saying that why not admit themselves into mental hospitals because they are sick or mental! In my opinion, you are the one that is sick! Plus, don’t you dare criticise any religion! If you don’t believe that there is a god, keep your stupid opinion to yourself! Who do you think you are? (You remind me of that song, Who do you think you are). Actually, you should properly look after yourself finstead! Who in the world cares if you don’t belive in a god, huh?

      9. Than is rude and offensive to people of a lot of religions. They have their beliefs and you have yours but do
        Not go around stereotyping people you don’t even know. That is disgusting that you are not letting people express how they feel about the god they believe in. That is really just horrible that you are sickend by people who take comfort in a higher beings. What are you going to say next? That your sickend by the LGBTQ+community or that you don’t like the African Americans of the world. And by the way no one affirms anything it’s called faith dumbass.

    2. How could you let someone do that!
      Your child is a part of you and you just let some man rip that away from you! You could have stoped that by leaving him if you knew he was abusing your child! You did NOT have to let it get that far! And you let if happen to a poor little hepless three year old! I hope you proud of that! And I’m glad that your son is in heaven! Because now he is in a better place and will NEVER be harmed by you, your husband or anyone else again! And how you can still call the beast that killed your baby is WAY beyond me!

    3. hi if you hate to beleave in god thats what you think okay keep it to your self im a 9 year old and is saying this ok KEEP IT TO YOUR SELF.

    4. i wanna say something but this is to sick to say anything. bad luck in your life soul. maybe it will bring you this luck.

    5. are u insane she killed her child and the most you can say is that the kid is in heven( f****** christians)

      1. Stupid people like you should just shut up and keep your thoughts to yourself! I warn you, don’t ever criticise any religion!

    6. I don’t think this is true, unless I am wrong (many apologises) but the spellings seem childish to have been a real confession.

    7. I know how you feel.Last year when i was on vacation in south africa i went swimming and then i had the worst cramp in my life it was so painful that the pain turned into rage.In front of me was a penguin.I was so pissed off that in my rage i kicked the penguin.When i realized what i had done it was to late.I ran away.Till today i feel very guilty for what i have done.

    8. “your baby son is definitely in heaven”

      Oh, was he baptized? Had he accepted Jesus as his savior? No? Well, then he’s in purgatory.

      OR…. he’s dead, and it’s unfortunate, but that’s what we call life. Our consciousness comes into play after conception and ends at death. Sorry, that’s the way this body of ours works.

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