I just don’t care

I just don’t care. I don’t care about my family or really about anything anymore.
This wasn’t a slow evolving thing.
I have been this way all my life.
I can say the words. I love you I miss you. But it just isn’t true.
Bad part is people believe it when I say these things.
I wish I could just say I don’t feel anything.

2 thoughts on “I just don’t care

  1. I understand. I have been this way most of my life. I have a girlfriend (I am 38) and I don’t feel anything for her. My mother, nothing. My brothers, nothing. I only care about my interests, what I want to do in this short life. I tell people that I love them, but I know it is fake.

  2. Either you are too selfish, too self-centred and do not give a damn about others or you have gone through something which you do not remember, but which has definitely affected you. This is not normal… you cannot just not care, when actually, everything is going on smoothly and nothing has happened… or has it?… are you sure it’s not a sign about an underlying health issue? I’d consult a psychiatrist in your place, just to rule out any problem. You should also do an effort on your own to come out of this. Become more aware and attentive about things going around you. Be open! Don’t shut yourself from the world! Do an effort to feel! Take care.

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