I eat chocolate in secret to avoid lectures

Because I can’t stand my mother lecturing about my waistline (and I’m in my 20’s!) I eat chocolate in my room in secret, but because I have to wait for an oppertune moment to throw away the wrappers it piles up in my drawers, that’s why I don’t like her specifically getting close to my things or being in my room, just in case she finds the wrappers and thinks I’m some sort of binging food-lusting maniac, even though I could have months worth of chocolate and wrappers. I have a few pounds too many but I’m not obese or anything and I eat healthily otherwise, I just don’t want every single chocolate-moment to be marred with: “IT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOU”

5 thoughts on “I eat chocolate in secret to avoid lectures

  1. I agree with them. You should be old enough to do what you’d like to do and have your own decision. Just think about what you do and don’t let yourself get into too much bad things.

    Chocolate is good and healthy in moderation. Let her know.

    But, from what you’ve said, you maybe slightly addicted to chocolate. You might have your mother telling you not to have chocolate but it only makes you want to eat more. Control that if that’s the case. I’m not a doctor though, so this is just my opinion.

  2. Haha,

    This is quite funny, I do the exact same thing! I had trash bags full of stuff until I decided to just bring put it all out for the garbage collector. I even thought about sneaking out at midnight and dumping the stuff in a skip or something somewhere else.

    I eat eat well, but I also enjoy some chocolate. It’s like a ritual treat after a long long day, and not everyday mind you! I’m going to live alone soon so I can eat it anywhere in the house!

    Don’t worry girl, if you enjoy it, I say do it.

  3. Actually, chocolate is good for you! Studies has proven that dark chocolate can lower bad cholesterol (HDL) and and heighten levels of good cholesterol (LDL). It also helps with heart disease, contains loads of antioxidants that help lower the risk of cancer, and does much more! It can even protect your skin against sun damage! Even milk chocolate has some positive effects on the body. Maybe if your mother knew the benefits of chocolate, you wouldn’t have to hide it from her. Even if she doesn’t believe you, you should not feel guilty anymore about it. Did you know that feeling guilty about your weight can actually cause you to gain more? Don’t let your mother control your life! Eat chocolate in front of her and tell her she’s really missing out. You’re allowed to indulge sometimes, that’s what life’s all about! As long as you’re healthy and don’t indulge too frequently you’ll be fine! 

    Here’s an article on the benefits of chocolate in case she doesn’t believe you: http://www.29secrets.com/sections/wellness/reasons-you-should-eat-chocolate-right-now

    Good luck, hun! :)

  4. Okay, why not confront your mother about her fat phobia or make plans to move elsewhere where you will be respected. Does your mother have some sort of psychiatric diagnosis like borderline personality disorder or is she just an argumentive type or none of these? If she has a specific problem of not being able to respect you, you might to again move. Take care now and stand your ground.

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