I Can’t Stand My Grandson’s Girlfriends!

How unusual, right?! Ha. So I’m raising my grandson; he’s smart, creative, articulate, a very good young man (17 yrs. old), but his girlfriends are always manipulative, domineering little tarts. None of them have had a peaceful, decent home life, so they use my house as a part-time hotel.
So here’s the confession part: I know I can’t hurt my relationship with my grandson by showing my displeasure with these grifters, so I tend to fantasize “accidental” deaths for the little monster hussies. Of course, I’d never do anything bad, harmful, or illegal, but I do catch myself imagining a fall from a 15 story building onto a rusty melon baller, or some other cruel hideous end for the little bitches. Who among us hasn’t imagined the same about your child’s choice for love companion? Throw the first stone.

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Stand My Grandson’s Girlfriends!

  1. Grandpa,
    Okay, so that gave me a good laugh.
    And I can’t blame you for trying to get rid of them since they do seem quite bad. But haven’t your grandson and you talked about this? Ya’ll need to communicate, Pops. It’s bad enough you’re trying to get rid of people your grandson might seriously love, and you just had to decide on the loss of communication.

  2. LOL at you fantasies. Seriously though, have you ever given any thought to simply voicing your concerns to your grandson rather than enabling what you see happening? He probably would benefit from your honesty, direction and guidance.

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