I am a horrible son

I am 20 years old University student, and I treat my parents horribly. I am second year student in a University somewhere in Japan, and I live in student dormitories during the semesters. During vacations I leave Japan to spend the time with my parents. Important thing you guys should know is that, they are freaking amazing loving parents. Unfortunately, I am a short tempered person and tend to get pissed of at my parents and yell at them. Once I have calmed down and relaxed, I start feeling bad and regretting. When that happens many other worries start rushing into my brain, mainly things such as the fact that my parents are amazing and I treat them bad, they are getting old, but they also have another 12 year old son, and 8 year old daughter to take care of, and I do nothing to help them with that. They help me finance some part of the life I live in Japan, they pay the tuition fee of my Uni, which is 5 thousand dollars a year, and help a little bit for pocket money (although I do work part time as a manual labor). And after all that, I treat them Like crap. Do not get me wrong, I love them. The biggest problem with me is that I am a closed and private person, you could say I am anti social. With that being said, I can never get to tell them what I feel. These thoughts haunt me every night. And this is the first time I am letting it out of my self.

Sorry if the text is unorganized, I need to continue study

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  1. Actually, if my son wrote me a letter saying what you said I’d be thrilled. Young people are naturally self-centered, and your insights tell me that you are on your way to maturity.

  2. Maybe you should talk to them how you reallu feel i know its hard but its worth it and try to control your emotion even if its hard hear them out first

  3. Maybe things are slightly different in my situation, but I’m also anti-social and I tend to get overwhelmed when my parents crowd me too much, and lash out as a result. I think that to some degree, your parents likely understand that you love them and that you can’t always help the way you act. Try having an open conversation with them at some point and explain your short-temper, even if it’s kind of awkward, and then do your best to be more patient (I know it’s hard, though). This is what helped me, so hopefully it’ll be of some use to you, as well.

  4. My son is 10 years older than the one in the article. He is my youngest child (of two). He was a quiet sweet baby and rowdy little boy,lol. We were a very tight knit family and did a lot of things together throughout his growing years. His Dad has passed on and I am a single parent now. I guess my love and company just isn’t enough. He never visits, answers my calls or anything. It is very painful to me and has saddened me more than he knows. I just don’t know how to get thru to this young man. He is very intelligent and has a great job, so it’s not that he doesn’t know any better or is destitute. He is not a bad person at all, and I am so proud of him….I just want him to make a little time for me. 😞

  5. Please stop making excuses for your angry outbursts and start treating your parents with the respect that they deserve. If you cannot do this, it is clear that you may need to attend an Anger Management group in order to get control of yourself. Therapy might also work – so get going on this soon.

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