Hate my mother-in-law

My mother in law by-law is only 1 year older than me and she desperately wants a baby (but my 60 y/o father in law don’t) so ever since my baby girl was born she’s eagerly wanting to mother my baby till the stage that she began to take some inappropriate intimidating actions on my husband (yes, her own son-by-law who is older than her) YET playing innocent in front of people so the old hags in the house will join her for her pity party. I have to hold my opinions for the sake of a harmonious family but secretly hope that bitch just somehow cheated and so we can pack her bags and sent her back to Philippines.

One thought on “Hate my mother-in-law

  1. Wow that sucks. You need to keep you and the baby at a distance from her. I would not let the baby near her.bshe sorry nds unstable.

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