12 thoughts on “Awaiting the Inevitable

  1. No, you didn’t really try and kill yourself. It’s not that hard to DIE. You are crying out for help, not wanting to die.
    People who TRULY want to die, stand in front of a TRAIN and actually DIE or shot themselves. You’re just playing games.

  2. I was there around new years…..I wanted to kill myself because of my manipulative boyfriend’s toxic habits and I felt so trapped like I had nowhere to go. I don’t want to be alive most days and I honestly wonder why I don’t just end it. Honestly? I don’t want you to die but I don’t know you either. Just, get a cat. If you die, the cat will starve to death too. Give yourself a purpose and if you don’t have some semblance to a purpose after like 3 months, there’s not really anything left other than death and a medicated coma.

  3. I feel your pain I’m in that same situation wondering would it really matter I f was her would anyone care. The depressing gets to much to bear and I want to crawl away and never come back. But then o thing about this what if it was me fighting me from me stopping my own happiness because what I allow to happen to o me from other. Would it really even matter if I go maybe not but if I decide to go does I’d rather die buy learning to to be strong enough to let go of the past people places and and things and go away to a place no one knows me start over from scratch like the life o left never existed. Thays what I’m about to do I’m going to stand up and be me be happy love life and no one will stop me that it the bottom line you can do the same we can do it together. Let me know.

  4. I did the same but found electricity did not hurt me 3′ times so crashed my car into a concrete bridge. After my divorce I found a wonderful woman and I am now very happy.
    Good luck to you

  5. Try to look for anything in your life that you would miss if you died. If everyday you thought of one different thing, then you would see there’s a world worth living in. I hope this helps you. (^u^)

  6. Please don’t! I’ve been down the same road before. It’s not the right choice. I had nothing. My mother killed herself and my father sexually abused me. I was doing terrible in school and was bullied constantly. I tried killing myself twice, but I survived both times, just barely. I was in debt from the hospital bills. My life was disastrous. Yet, I survived, both times. It had to be for a reason, right? I believe it was. I fell in love with Richard, who is now my financé. We have been together for three years, and they have been the happiest of my life. I met him when I was working as a waitress at Olive Garden. Not very romantic, but true. I won’t get into details because this may bore you, but it’s safe to say I am happy now, at 23. I have been through two decades of utter misery and tried to end it all. I survived and you did too. Complete the promise you made to your sister. Please! Don’t do it. I know we are destined to die but we exist to live. It may seem painful now but you have to the power to touch someone’s life. Be someone’s Richard. We may not be here for long, we may just be specks of dust in this massive universe, but we must live so we can to good.

  7. Please don’t do this. There are many people such as your sister who care very much and I promise that there is much to live for. I urge you to get help and please know there are many resources and people that are willing. This many seem and awkward reply and I apologize but please consider options and if you need this the hotline for suicide is 1-800-273-8255

  8. Sweetie, please book a session with a therapist. Nervous? They’ll know how to help. Already have and it isn’t working? Try another therapist. Can’t afford it? Save up while you can. They’re trained professionals who can help in a lot more ways then you think they can. Hang in there! It only gets better :) Hope this helps.

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