Almost 30 and scared I’ll end up alone

I’m almost thirty. Never had a real relationship and my parents are the closest thing I have to best friends. I am scared when they are gone I will be completely alone. Emotionally and physically.

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  1. As humans we seperate ourselves into the smallest safe denomination. We wall ourselves off into a microcosm. Perhaps if you forced yourself out of your comfort zone. If you dont try, the outcome is you will die alone… So at least try.

  2. It’s sad to hear what you are saying. I felt like that at 24 but it has changed, now I’m 27 and life can’t be any better. I’m married and have 2 kids. Either way with or without them I would be happy. Sadness or happiness is a state of mind. I would say fear is what keep us away from other people.

  3. Take this from a 47 year old divorced man. You are way better off not being married then to be in a bad one. Trust me it will happen and you will be happy

  4. Dear friend,
    I’m not the particularly experienced when it comes to love but it seems like you might have a fear of people? And yes it may sound a little stupid but the only people that you let into your life (who have around your whole life) are your parents who I assume you are very close with.
    My advice to you is to put yourself out there (well nah) but really experience life, go on holiday meet new people abroad, if you like someone go up to him or her and tell them because you’re still young and don’t deserve to be alone no one does. You obviously are an introvert and I am too! My best friends now are my childhood friends, And it took me a while to get used to the friends that have been in my life recently and it will take a while to get comfortable with the whole meeting new people thing but when does happen it will feel amazing.

    However if my advise did not help I apologize.
    If continue feeling the way you do then go see a therapist, It will really help talking about your feeling and discovering why your social life or love life is not active.

    I really hoped this helped you in any way and if it did say something cos for once in my life am actually doing some that’s not stupid!

  5. Da ear Friend,

    You’re still quite young to be concerned about this. Things can and will change for you when you allow yourself to get into therapy and figure out how to establish a loving, intimate relationship with a future mate.
    Good luck and let us know how things turn out.

  6. Try doing things, anything.
    And take baby steps. Like for example, if you want to start a hobby, pick one, and do it frequently. Once you become accustomed to it, try doing more. And then slowly you can go out, find a job, talk to people. And crawl out of an antisocial hole.

    It’s all about doing 1 thing at a time, slowly.

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