7 thoughts on “SAD

  1. I really hope you feel better, I know it is probably what you hear a lot but, I really do mean it. Good luck, Yours Truly.

  2. Four years is a long time to feel sad. But, you would not still be fighting along if there wasnt something for you to fight for. Find whatever it is that gives you meaning or fills you with even the slightest bit of joy and put all of yourself into it. You make the choice to either quit or move forward. And I think the choice to fight on, even if it puts you in a bad situation for a while, shows the strength you have to endure all the suffering. You make the choice. So make the one that makes you happy.

  3. No need to hate yourself, Live life as it comes to your way.. dont expect people to be good with you.. just be good for yourself..

  4. Why do you want this to be over soon. Im confused need to talk or text hmu. Im going through stupid shit myself that could possibly make me end up doing a really stupid thing ..

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