Hi ..i don’t see any point in life … but i cant die i have a mother and a grandma to take care of .. if i die i dont know what might happen to them…. cant do anything but wait for the weight to lift off…. man dont know what to do i cant find joy exitement or any kind of happiness in life nor point …. why do we live for Hat purpose … this world is just boring …..

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  1. Just remember that just like the way you care for them, they love you as well. Don’t think about ending your life. And what if your mother’s and grandmother’s think their life to be as boring as you think yours but are living for you. We all depend on others and need others. Spread smiles.

  2. I know how you feel. I’m in the same situation but i have both parents and no grandparents. When they die my plan is to end it all.
    I just can’t face life especially without them.

  3. It helps to look at this from a different point of view. If life is pointless, you might as well enjoy it and find meaning for yourself. Nihilism hits like a ton of bricks but after awhile, it’s liberating.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you suffer so. I went through a long period of feeling the same way….then I discovered a book that changed my perspective on things, and my life got a lot happier. The book is called, “What Happy People Know”, by Dan Baker Ph.D. Happiness is indeed free. The key word is gratitude! Dan Baker teaches you how to see all things through the eyes of gratitude. Another great book is any book written by Victor Frankl. He was one of the Jews who was persecuted in a German concentration camp during World War 2. Anybody who can go through that kind of torturous life and yet be happy knows how to be happy! Surprisingly, his method of happiness also has to do with seeing things through the eyes of gratitude. Beware of the “verbs”: Victimization, Entitlement, Rescue, and Blame — those are the 4 happiness traps! The quickest way to feel bad is to say out loud, “I wish (fill in the blank),” “I miss (fill in the blank),” and “if only (fill in the blank).” The way to change things around and make you feel good is to change the statement into a positive by saying, “I’m glad that (fill in the blank)”. Let me give you one more happiness hack tip: Write down five things that you’re grateful for! Doing so switches your thinking to gratitude thinking, and happiness is the byproduct of gratitude! If you want to learn more about these techniques and other techniques, read “What Happy People Know” by Dan Baker Ph. D! I’ve also developed a subliminal program that “downloads” the secrets of happiness and high self-esteem into your mind automatically while you sleep! It takes about a month of playing it by your bed each night. However, I don’t yet have a patent on it, so it’s not available to the public yet. I’ve been using it for a couple of years, and it has totally changed my outlook on life! Oh — before I forget, Gary Smalley has a VHS tape series called, “The Hidden Keys of Loving Relationships”. It’s a great series. I was talking to him one day and I “dumped my bag of woes” out on him. He looked at me and said, “Wow. You have an incredible treasure!” I thought he was crazier than I was! About a month later, I discovered his video series, “the Hidden Keys of Loving Relationships”, and one of the tapes is called, “Turning Trials into Treasures”. That was what opened my mind to the fact that there’s a SOLUTION to my troubles, and things have been getting better and better for me from there! The more you know, the happier you become! This kind of knowledge is POWER! John D. Rockefeller the first said, “When there’s uncertainty, there’s opportunity,” and that’s what fueled him to make a fortune in the oil industry! Good luck…….

  5. Dear Friend,
    Sorry to hear that you’re having such a hard time. If you want to improve your life, maybe you should start by adopting a more realistic and optimistic view of things. Next, get some help with caring for your relatives and lastly, please get into therapy so that you can improve your outlook and your life. Take care now

  6. Your mother and grandmother are important but you should not be obligated to forfeit your own personal life to them. There are visiting nurses or you could hire a trustworthy person to give you some relief. You sound like you need to do that. Don’t feel guilty either.

  7. May I say something, PFFT? First, it’s a beautiful thing that you take care of your mother and your grandmother. I don’t know if they appreciate it or express that appreciation, but as an outsider I see that you do that and I have so much ENORMOUS respect for you. That’s truly kind, truly wonderful. And yes, it’s vital that you keep on caring for them as you do. For their sake, sure. But for the sake of the rest of us too. In today’s complicated age, we absolutely need as much of that kind of compassion as it can get. Good for you for providing it. Good for you for being part of the solution. Good for you for contributing to what’s right in the world. I mean that. This alone, already, is the answer to your question about what we’re here for. But of course, you still feel that life is boring. Maybe, if I can guess, you feel tired and even put upon. You want someone to notice you, someone to see what you’ve done or accomplished, how good you’ve been. You want someone to give you a chance to come up for air too. And that makes sense. Everybody deserves that. You deserve all that. But here’s what I’m really asking if I can say: Happiness, as a goal, doesn’t work. Did you know that? It’s okay, because most people don’t. Even though Aristotle himself said it a millennia ago in Ancient Greece. Happiness, he said, is basically a by-product of productive action. You can never just attain and keep it. It merely flows out from those moments when we’re in motion, making something, becoming something, creating something… or helping someone else pass those same milestones. There is no stasis, no level where it’s all good, all the time. And that’s good, because a flat plateau of achievement would be boring too, wouldn’t it? And maybe there, you’ll find your solution. Wish life were less pointless? That’s a fair thing to desire. Really, it is. But maybe you have a different question in front of you. Maybe what you want to ask yourself is, what specifically do I wish I could reach out and grab, or do, or change about myself or my life? It doesn’t have to be some huge, distant goal. Pick something that fits just in your life today. Maybe you want to learn how to cook something you’ve always wanted to know how to make, something people will be impressed by. I know that works for me, when I’m feeling down. I go to Youtube and bounce around in the cooking videos. It’s amazing how easy some things are to make. And I feel proud of myself once I’ve made them. Others feel proud of me too. I also like to play the guitar. Youtube videos and guitar tabs help me there too. Now, maybe you have absolutely no interest in either of these things. But what do you absolutely love or WISH you knew how to do? Try making even the tiniest bit of progress in that area by, let’s say, lunchtime tomorrow. What will it be? Just try it this one time. And if it does help you feel a little less pointless, a little more accomplished, try it again. What if you could do something like that to transform yourself, evolve yourself just once every week? You’ll be amazed, I promise you. You’re seeking a purpose to life that someone can just say to you and it will be enough, but it can’t be. Aristotle has already explained why. We just don’t work that way. Words, a state of mind, that’s just not going to get you there. What you need is to move forward. It’s like the shark that has to swim to breathe. THAT’s why you feel like life is suffocating. You’re stuck — perhaps with noble intentions — doing too much of the same. Promise me you’ll just think about it for a bit. Just for the rest of today. And maybe pick that one thing that you’re going to accomplish tonight or tomorrow morning. Then actually DO it and see if you still feel exactly the same. I promise you, this is the beginning of a much better, much happier, and more meaningful future P.S. If you’re someone who likes to read, take a look at the book “A Man’s Search For Meaning” by Victor Frankl. It’s incredibly powerful, about a psychiatrist and what he observed as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps. It reinforces everything I just told you. And everything you’ve already started to guess at yourself.

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