Out Of Place

I was a groomsman for a close friend at his wedding and ended up leaving as soon as the dance floor opened up. I always panic in social situations, especially ones involving attractive women. I have no confidence and wish I did. I’ve lost a lot of weight through dieting and received numerous compliments regarding it yet still feel the same level of disconnect as before. I feel hopeless. I wish I had someone around. I doubt I ever will too because I can’t seem to put myself out there. Here I am, a grown man, crying behind a computer screen and posting this anonymously. I hate it so much.. I wish I weren’t me.

One thought on “Out Of Place

  1. Lot of people probably feel as you do. At least you’re brave enough o realize that you have social anxiety. This however can be improved if you’ll give yourself a chance to get therapy and learn to break out it. It may take a bit of time but it’s doable and you likely will feel better. Why not give therapy a try? How that all works out well for you.

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