Opt out !

Sometimes I just want to give up on everything and disappear. I want out. I feel a lot of pain, I’m slowly dying on the inside. I wish that I could just die. I’m just afraid how much people will hurt when I do. I’m trapped, and don’t know what to do. I just want to die. I just want to die.

7 thoughts on “Opt out !

  1. I understand you, but is it that you really want to quit living. Or is it the life that you don’t wanna live.
    I hope you’re okay, seeing that you posted it a couple of months ago, but if you read this, you’re the only one who can change your own life. We’d be glad to help you, we’re all there for you!

  2. I’m really sorry. I know exactly how you feel. I have one disease after another and I’m still a young-man in my thirties. And in the exact same time I was manipulated by my ex-gf who left me in my worst times. And then I lost a family member who practically raised me and I felt like it’s time to go, that’s it! The pain and the feeling of injustice are killing me, I can’t live with that and i can’t take it anymore. But as you said my friend, it’s all about the ones who love us the most, and they’re not responsible for what’s happening to us. We’re not responsible too. That’s life, it’s unfair and absurd. Yet we have to fight living it for the ones we love & for hope. I hope in the future everything is going to be ok for anyone who’s suffering in this world. It’s hard at first, and it will be hard..but i guess less harder. Time, hope & love can heal everything i guess. Be strong my friend!

  3. A dear friend of mine went down this same path, but you should not continue, I know that it will get better for you, someday you will have something or someone to live for, stick it out and keep on going

  4. You are strong. And not alone. I guess everyone here is lost. Get this, you’re just lost but not alone. Been there. Know how it feels. But life once gone, can’t come back. Hold on. Hold on. And try to help all those who are walking on the same path. Maybe that will be your cure. Have faith in God.

  5. Sorry that you feel this way but what you’re experiencing now is shared by many others. I can truly empathize with you because I’ve felt something just like you’ve described a few times myself. What I do know is that you can and will get through this and things will improve. Believe this now and choose to look on the brighter side of things. Therapy might actually help. Take care and let us know how you’re doing.

  6. You need to give me more info. What do you want out of? Your family, your marriage, your job? Everything? Don’t do anything rash. Include more detail and I will answer you.

  7. I am sincerely sorry (well as sorry as a complete stranger can be) that you are feeling this way. Been there. Many different people will have different takes on this, and I have no idea what you need to hear, so I’m going to imagine I split myself into two and give you two just statements, one harsh the other not so, but both true at-least from my own experience. Here we go…. You are stronger than you think, you have the strength to share how you feel online, where you could potentially be helped. Having the iota of energy to do this, proves that you still have strength even if it doesn’t feel like it. Someone once told me that if you have the energy to complain you have the energy to get up and fight, because it is a fight to get out of feeling like that. The other thing is you may not feel like it but you are valuable and you have the option to prove it, being forced into a box ( believe me I know it’s hard to breath in a situation where you feel trapped) gives you some boundaries to work with to come up with a creative solution. You have the opportunity to develop some new skills. I know it’s not exactly what you want right now, but if you choose to get up, find the creative energy inside yourself to find a way forward, you’ll feel better for it on the other side. Hope this helps, praying for you (regardless of if there is a god or not, i find it helped me to know that someone was at-least trying to get a higher power to notice my situation, maybe its the same for you) Take care.

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