Not one day goes by where I don’t pray I die in my sleep. I do not enjoy life anymore, the moments I do do not last long, and I end up feeling worse. I’ve tried so many things, but I keep coming back to how disappointing life is. I’d give anything to go back to childhood. I feel entirely broken….

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  1. When I read your confession, I felt like they were ripped straight out of my heart.
    Trust me, I know the feeling. The only thing keeping me going is the people who rely on me.
    And april 4 is my birthday, I first found this website when I wanted to confess wanting to kill myself on my birthday.
    But killing myself felt like giving up. And one thing I hate more than anything else is giving up. So instead of killing myself, I made a list.
    A very very long list.
    All the things I want to do before I die. It is quiet long, and I made a vow to myself I would only think of killing myself after I do everything on the list. And stop expecting anything from others. You have to rely on yourself to make life more interesting.
    As cheesy as it sounds, life is what you make it. So try to enjoy the smallest of things. And try talking to a professional, because even though we think we have it under control, we don’t. And getting help from an impartial third person, who knows how to deal with it seems like a smart choice.
    p.s. dont ever take medication though, it just slows your brain down.

  2. You can and will get better. The best thing i ever did and i know it sounds silly. Everyday no matter where you are. Count ten things you are grateful for . It could be anything. Thanks for the fresh water i have everyday. Thanks for the food i have. Thanks for shelter etc. I promise you it really helps. Take care :)

  3. Do you have any long-term commitments? Meaning, could you get up one day and start a brand new life in a brand new place?

  4. I’ll keep you in my prayers Hun .And I know how feel ­čś¬Depression is a very hard thing to deal with , you should really try seeking for help and talking to someone it might help a little .

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