Im lost

Im 35, moved back in with my parents after failing to keep a job and uphold my mortgage on my house. I don’t know what to do about my future. I have awesome parents that took me back in and a loving girlfriend who is keeping by my side as I try to make sense of all this.

I feel so much guilt about the extra stress I feel I am putting on these people because of my failure as a man. I have no direction in life. I have had more downs than ups, and honestly don’t know if my life has any worth. I pray, but don’t believe in God – in the traditional sense, so I feel like im making empty wishes to the universe.

Things feel like they will never get to the place I want it to be

5 thoughts on “Im lost

  1. All those who love you unconditionally need to feel happy deep down.. n u can give them happiness by taking first step towards ur own wellbeing. You will make everyone’s life a better place by being little more conscious about finding something/anything that makes you hapoy and being in that state for as long as possible.. take baby steps but please take initiative. Life will not reach out to you if u dont give it a chance. And if you still feel alone then believe in this one thing.. somewhere in a far corner of the world, i feel you and i relate to you. You are not alone.

  2. Don’t hate on yourself for where you’re currently are in life. Instead, focus on how you can better yourself and do what it takes to become who you want to become. Whether it is to make short-term/long-term goals, try out activities, networking events, volunteering, etc.. Take chances and opportunities will open up. Be positive and keep in mind that your life isn’t a race with anyone but yourself. You have not failed until you give up completely.

  3. I honestly don’t know what I am. Or who I am. I don’t know whether I have some sort of mental disorder but ever since I’ve been little I haven’t ever fully thought I am a human, or a person like every one else. It feels like there is something missing and no one is telling me what I truly am. It’s got to the point where I am extremely frustrated and don’t know what to do anymore. The veins on my inner left wrist are extremely visible and a few little what I’d decribe as ‘sticks’ are showing. When I was younger I would tell stories about how I was from a different planet and I always had a very strange mindset. Last year, I got various feelings that something bad was happening and then it did happen. I always feel like someone knows something about what I am and that I am constantly running away from them or that they are always there watching me waiting to tell me what I am. I need help and I don’t want to confide in anyone for how stupid i sound. But I honestly don’t know what to do about it.

  4. Maybe what will help you is getting into therapy and finding out how to be more successful with your life? Please forgive yourself and allow your parents to help now. Maybe later when you’re even more successful, you can help them in some great way too. Take care – your life will slowly improve for sure!

  5. Don’t you find it ironic that in the deepest of despair, we turn to a higher being to give us hope

    And that is what I’m seeing from your post – hope

    It may feel like everything is collapsing around you but you have a strong support system that will hold your head up when you’re in the depths of despair

    You will be okay, but I recommend you to sit down an set up short term and long term goals. I know it’s cliche but try it out. Having goals means that you have hope and that’s what we all need when we are feeling lost

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