I’m disappearing.

Moving away next month, May 1st. Trying to start a new life. I’m not telling anyone where I am going because if things don’t work out I’m going to be ending my life. I was fired acouple weeks ago and not a single person seemed to notice my absence, and my family has not spoken to be in 7 years, so its not like me telling anyone I am moving would make a difference. Its not that I want to die, I just don’t want to live anymore, it sucks, its painful and exhausting.
Just wanted someone to know…..

5 thoughts on “I’m disappearing.

  1. Sounds like you are suffering depression… Please go to a doctor he can prescribe you medicine that will make you feel alone be again and will help you.

    1. Drugs are NOT the answer…who wouldn’t feel shitty if no one seemed to notice our abscense? This person’s feelings are understandable and validated …I think maybe getting fired was exactly what needed to happen for this person to get out of that monotonous atmosphere and change their life for the best!

  2. theres loads of things i considered saying to you but i dont think any of them will make much difference, but there is one thing i heard once that has been a tiny comfort for me, it was this: the natural state of existence is nothing, for an indefinite amount of time before all of this existed there was nothing, and after all of this has existed things will return to nothing.

    Theres no way of knowing if this is true or not but for some reason it gives me a little bit of comfort. I havent suffered much in my life so i cant speak for anyone but for me this puts allot of my problems into perspective and makes it easier to let them drift away

  3. I feel the same that my life is worthless for different reasons but your blog makes me want to reach out to you because I care and if I do still feel something as I’m still caring amidst my chaotic emotional rollercoaster ride then life must be worth living and fighting for – please hang on in there, you have just given me purpose so you are valuable and worth living more than you know

  4. If you don’t want to die then don’t do it! The fact that you’re moving and starting over is already a step in the right direction! Now you have to work on your perspective and expect amazing things to happen! Saying “if it doesn’t work out I will do this” is not a move in the right direction…why contemplate failure? Think what if I meet GOOD people; what if I find a purpose? What you give out into the world (positive or negative) is what you will attract so I beg you to change your attitude! May first is my baby’s 3rd birthday so I will just let you know off the bat that you chose a great day to start a your new life! I wish you the best but your life is what you make of it, remember that…good luck!

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