I calculated how much of my anxiety/depression meds would kill me

I calculated how much of my anxiety/depression meds I would need to take to die. Yet, i still don’t take them. I could never do that to my family, but I don’t want to be here any more.

8 thoughts on “I calculated how much of my anxiety/depression meds would kill me

  1. “Life is worth to live. Cowards close their eyes to reality, a strong men sees challenge as an opportunity to become what once was a dream. ” fredy tay

  2. My brother committed suicide nearly 5 years ago my whole families life hasn’t been the same since our whole world has changed the sad thing is I know he would of regretted his decision, just like I can listen to a song that reminds me of him and smile and then be crying by the end of it just from the memory of him human emotions change to quickly and often to trust them suicide is never the answer we as humans are stronger than we all think trust me I know.

  3. I have had similar thoughts before. And the only thing that stopped me from doing it is the same reason – I’ll never do anything to hurt my family.

  4. Well don’t be a fagget Anon, stay with us and work on yourself in order to improve your wellness and mental state as you seem to be “cripplingly depressed”.

  5. Everyone grows tired of life sometimes but you can always escape it and have a new life WITHOUT DYING.
    Just know that at any second you can change everything about yourself, go somewhere completely new and if you really feel that sad where you are, you absolutely should go on a . The world is full identity changing mission. There are millions of possibilities out the door!
    It’s the year 2017! There are children who run businesses from their bedrooms, people who graft their way out of poverty and single mums who juggle a family and a career everywheree! Misogyny, racism, dictatorship and social injustices of all sorts are no longer acceptable in society. Now is the time to live and become anyone you want to!

    “If you can change your mind, you can change your life.” William James said it and he knows what he’s talking about.

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