Hiding my Depression

I have been hiding my severe depression. Before, I used to post about it and talk to my friends and family about it. But being treated pitifully and questions like “Are you okay?” or “What’s happening to you?” doesn’t really help my depression at all – they only remind me of it.

It’s getting worse. On the outside I try not to show anything, so nobody knows what’s happening to me.

No one.

Maybe one day, they’ll be shocked if I kill myself. I did seem ok after all.

2 thoughts on “Hiding my Depression

  1. I totally get what you meant, Boy. I’ve been in this dark pit of hell for more than 2 years. And once I’ve told my mom that I was depressed she did soothe me but a week later, she asked me in front of my little siblings, “How are you? Still depressed?”. That made me feel like I can’t trust her anymore. It’s not easy to tell anyone about this, because they’ll either pretend to care or avoid you. But hang on, man. You’ve lived until now, and I’m proud of you. That’s all that matter, right? That you’re still hanging on despite the dark thoughts looming over you, closer than your veins.

    And if you feel like you can’t trust people in your real life, try search for friends on internet, or some websites. They’re usually kinder and more understanding than anyone in your life could ever been.

    Stay strong, friend. You’ll going to get through this

  2. Life is so mental, sometimes im convinced it cant possibly be real. The way i see it theres no point in killing yourself

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