I’ve had cancer on and off since I was a young child,
Im no longer in remission, its stage 4 this time. I have decided to not treat it this time, I am very aware I won’t survive this time, its the 9th time for me, and what is disturbing is that people think its funny, to laugh and criticize and be happy about.

I don’t understand what is wrong with people.

Guess they will be happy when I die, since they been telling me and msg me to die, I should die, to kill myself, guess that’s how they were raised to act.

Can’t expect better from people who would make fun of someone for having cancer, who would make fun of a person looks which is because of the treatment, or loss of hair and actually make jokes about going bald because the last time I was treated for this, it caused hair loss like every other time,

Guess that’s the way they were raised, that’s what they think is funny, and that’s what makes them popular to people who have that mentality as well

Thankfully I have ,my parents and my husband

I’d never wish this on anyone, I was raised better then that, as were my parents and husband….
It’s just sad and the fact that anyone would find that acceptable is disgusting, and thankfully my family and friends remind me that people making jokes etc about something as serious as that is not okay, and anyone who would do that isn’t ever going to be worth listening too, can’t expect better from people that while you’re in the hospital would laugh andsay youre on drugs when you aren’t and never were, because they know you have cancer and need a reason to hate, and then hate while you pray or recite Torah, come on this social media to criticize
They stalk too much no time for consideration

thankfully a lot of the commmunity members here and all over other places are seeing it and hearing it and reading it, and comforting me because they wouldn’t like that to happen to their own.

4 thoughts on “haters

  1. Hi Americanguardian!
    I read your post and I was wondering how you are doing now?
    I just want you to know that I’m praying for you.

  2. Please dont stop treatments. Really. I just lost my sister to cancer and I am lost without her. I hate getting up in the mornings and I miss her. So many holes remain.

  3. I feel u..but you will be relieved of all miseries and sufferings if you just repeat to urself that “I AM CURED” although i will be soon on my way to heaven too.. how much ever i deny ut..its a sword hanging on my neck..just makes me anxious. But thats me sharing my inner most fears with you, this life situation makes us compassionate and sensitive and sensible. We are stronger n better human beings than all those who r wasting their life away for nothing. We will live on :)

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