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  1. I’m forty and in the same boat. Never had a real friend. My family ignores me. Am completely alone in life. It’s so lonely. People at work will say things like ” why don’t you go out with your friends” or “what do you and your friends do?”. It’s humiliating to say you have no friends. People get all weird on you. They think you are saying it for attention or sympathy or that you are just pathetic. But I’m just being honest.
    When I was growing up I was bullied mercilessly in school and had no friends. My mom and sister insisted this was not true and that I DID have friends. When I would tell them I didn’t or that I had been assaulted in school, yet again, they would hit me and scream that I was making it up and that I had lots of friends. Now we rarely speak.

  2. I’m 58 and I work full time. In my down time I like being alone at home with my two cats and my computer. People bore me! Maybe you’d feel better about yourself if you went down to your local animal shelter and adopted a nice cat or dog. You’ll feel much better about yourself knowing that you saved the life of some sweet and loving animal.

  3. Happiness doesn’t come from fulfilling your own needs but in making others happy. Volunteer at an old folks home, mental health care facility etc. If you are lonely go to where others are lonely and in need. The friendship will come.
    To be really honest, you have to examine yourself as well. Are you mean, resentful, bitter? Forgiving others is the only way to move on, even if they don’t desire it.
    The world is full of second, third and fourth chances. You can’t control your past so don’t let it control you. Start life 2.0.
    I hope something I have said helps.

  4. What interests you? What is your community like?

    Try to explore your hobbies, and find out what you can do in your community that will connect you with people who have the same interests. These people will become your best friends-but it is important to know how to love yourself, first. :)


  5. My mom is going through this since my dad passed a few years ago. I will tell you what I keep telling her. Figure out what you enjoy doing, painting, music, computers, anything at all … and go take a class.

    you don't have to be lonely.

  6. Why not get into therapy so that you can figure out why you seem to have no friends? The insight that you are likely to gain will serve you immeasurably well. The other thing that you can do is to try to join clubs and do things that interest you and you will naturally meet new friends in those forums. Good luck.

  7. Your just going to have to get out there and let people know your available for friendship. There are plenty of groups just search online.

    Good luck.

  8. My father felt the same after a divorce and relocation for work
    He joined a learn to dance club and now has more friends than me and a better social life as well as being fit and healthy

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