I’m fifteen and I am fat. Nothing I do works, and I feel like no one likes me and I don’t like myself because I’m just straight up ugly. People would try to comfort me if I ever said that aloud, but I know that it’s true and everyone thinks it. I feel like even the boys that are the same weight as me are out of my league. I’m not going to eat much over the summer in the hopes of becoming something that I want to be, but we all know that I’m too much of a hog to even get that right.

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  1. Be at peace…accept yourself just as u are.
    Change what u can, by making healthy food choices and increase physical activity not because you have too but because you want too.
    Be wise ..starving yourself is cruel, unrealistic and ineffective.
    Become all that you are..beautifully.

  2. Starving yourself IS NOT THE WAY! I am so sorry that you feel this way about yourself, and it’s so unfair that society’s standards for beauty has made you feel that you have to change yourself in some way.
    If you’re truly concerned about your weight, ask your parents to take you to a doctor. Talk to them about this, and set up a plan to reach a healthy weight. Starving yourself until your body runs itself down is NEVER a good idea.
    Ana is a horrible friend; please never, never trust her. Anorexia isn’t the way.
    If you really want to lose weight, eating healthy foods and exercise will do the trick. What people don’t tell you is that if you starve yourself, it will be easier for your body to gain back the fat lost. This is because your body thinks that it has to store more fat for the next time it might be without enough food.
    If you lose weight slowly and over time, however, you’ll be healthier, fitter, and it won’t be as easy to gain it all back.
    Truly, it doesn’t matter if you’re fat. I know many fat people who are a great standard for health! Fat =/= unhealthy, and skinny definitely doesn’t equal healthy.
    I am a normally-sized girl. For years (YEARS!) I truly thought I was fat, but I’m actually a fairly-normal size. I am also the unhealthiest person I know, and I don’t understand why I haven’t gained weight.
    I never exercise…ever. I can honestly say that I typically spend the entire day in my room, on my bed, at my computer. I also have a tendency to not drink enough water each day, and I don’t always eat fruits and veggies, instead going for the junk food and chips.
    When I ran the mile in gym class, my time was around 16 minutes, and when I finished, I laid on the gym floor and passed out for a couple of minutes.
    When I walk the mile from my school to home (which doesn’t happen often), I’m super sweaty and gross, and usually panting a little bit.
    I am so unhealthy! It’s bad! I don’t even have some disorder that makes me this way, I don’t think. I think it might be because I’m still growing.
    Now, I don’t have a flat stomach, but come on. How many people actually do? I’ve heard that it’s harder for girls to have a flat stomach because our organs are in the way or something like that.
    But do you see what I’m saying here? It really doesn’t matter if you’re fat or skinny; what matters if you’re healthy or not.
    Am I proud of the fact that walking 3 miles takes away all my energy? Am I happy that I don’t want to risk walking down to the metroparks because they’re at least a 40-minute walk away, and I might not make it? NO! Of course not!
    I’m actually a little self conscious about all of this, to be honest. I don’t like how unhealthy my habits are. So I decided to start taking small steps to becoming healthier. I’m usually eating fruit everyday now, which isn’t much, but it’s a start, you know?
    Worry about being healthier, okay? No matter if the person is skinny or fat, they’re both equally at risk of heart disease if unhealthy.
    Please don’t fall into bad habits that only help in the short-run. Talk to your doctor, or someone who can help, and create a plan to lose weight that will help you more in the long-run.

  3. Dear Teen,
    Please discuss your concerns with your parents, other loved ones and a physician. You likely can lose weight but need the right type of diet, exercise and support. Getting therapy would also help you with your self regard and weight consciousness. You are a good person and you will reach your goal, just get the right help. Take care and let us know how things work out.

  4. Everybody is fat at 15. I know I was. Your still growing love. You do have control over this though. You have to start taking an interest in your appearance. Start by running and walking. Don’t deprive yourself of food. Smart options. Eat what you want with portion control and honestly sugar is not good for anybody. Not even a 15 year old. You will take the weight off in no time. Try jump rope. Burns fat fast. I was a chubby now Im skinny have been working out for years. And I know you will be too. Please keep us updated of your progress.

  5. Sweetheart, first things first, you’ve got to erase the idea that fat equals ugly. There are beautiful and handsome people out there that are size 20 and above. Fat is not a dirty word. Fat is a descriptive term, like tall or brunette. And it is not a synonym for ugly.

    My best advice for you is to stop thinking about the guys. Stop thinking about your school mates. Stop thinking about your parents, your siblings, your friends and what they may or may not think. Throw THEIR definition of “beautiful” out the window and figure out YOUR definition of beauty and stick with it to the end of everything. Go on Instagram and YouTube and find plus size entertainers and beauty gurus. See how they feel comfortable in their skin and follow their lead. Two names right off are Meghan Tonjes and Loey Lane. Here’s a great video by Meghan that perfectly illustrates why I’m glad I grew up fat. https://youtu.be/6_Po2lELD6A

    And above all, remember this fact. You are not limited in what you can be, what you can accomplish, and how much you can love yourself by the size of your body. Your body does not limit who you are or your worth as a human being. You are worthy of love and respect, and anyone who won’t give you that because of your body is ignorant and has their own self-hate issues to deal with.

    One more trick I can offer that worked wonders for me. Do not view your body as the enemy. She is the only one that has been with you for the entire ride and will continue on with you for the rest of your days. So love her, respect her, and support her no matter what shape she is. If you are on a weight loss journey, you’re in this together. She is your best friend. So start treating her that way.

    Best of luck, sweetheart. Love yourself and find happiness in who you are!

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