Anxiety for the Future

I’m only 16 but I plan my future life so much that I’ve become intensely unhappy with what I have now. I live in a huge ass city and all I want is to live in the forest. I see people every day and all I want is to see animals and no humans for the rest of my life. I’m now terrified that the life I’ve always wanted may never come. I have to sit through another year in high school. Then 4 years of college. And then I might have to come back to the city to work. I think I’d rather jump from a building rather than be locked in a city all my life.

3 thoughts on “Anxiety for the Future

  1. Wrong! The life you want can start in a year. Just find a college out in the country. Many college towns are smaller, and close to the countryside. You may not need to live on campus either.

    Now you’re not going to be able to go without seeing people, but you can certainly minimize the number you see compared to your current situation.

  2. When I was 16 I felt very stuck too, it’s a point where you don’t have much control over your life so most people feel frustrated. I thought I’d do something dull at university and end up in a dead end job. It took a long period of depression for me to realise I wasn’t where I wanted to be. By being self reflective I was able to take small steps to do what I actually wanted to do. I took a year off and worked, experimenting with different art forms independently and in groups at workshops I googled. This led me to pursue film school and now I’m making films, documentaries and learning how to sound design in a town by the sea living with people I like. It’s all about breaking things down into smaller steps so you’re not overwhelmed by the future. What can you do after school that will lead to a better life? Work to travel and live in a farm so you can be around animals? Research volunteering schemes etc. It can feel like you have nothing to look forward to it that state but you don’t know what the future holds.

  3. You don’t have to go to college and work at the city.
    Find a small town close to a forest or nature and get a job enough for rent money or rent a room from someone …seems like you don’t care about human achievements so why waste your time with that just try to make the best of your current situation …

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