A painful feeling

I feel like I don’t belong here anymore, and that I am a waste of space. The people I care about don’t seem to care about me, I feel the tense atmosphere when I’m around them and I walk away from it. My suicidal thoughts have gotten worse and I’m considering on going through it. I hate how life is going for myself, and my server depression and anxiety isn’t helping. I don’t want to deal with pain and rejection again. I just want to end it so I don’t have to suffer anymore. I dislike the feeling of pain go through my body, it’s like a steal knot in my stomach and the pain slowly goes to the tip of my fingers. I can’t stand it! The urge is getting worse and I might considering on doing it soon. I mean at least they’ll be getting rid of me. I feel like I’m in their way.

4 thoughts on “A painful feeling

  1. In all you wrote it seems that the value of others towards you means more to you than the fact that you don’t value your self
    You are part of making this world a much better and beautiful place, why?! Because when you get even the smallest glimpse of how much your worth you would never, ever allow anything to push you to the edge.
    Yes you are awesome!
    Yes you are amazing!
    Yes you are unique!
    Yes you are loved!
    Yes you are powerful!
    and yes am glad you are part of this space called LIFE
    Open your heart let the blessings flow easily, be loving to yourself and others will love you as truly as you love YOURSELF
    Start with a little step every day and you will be amazed how beautiful Life truly is with you in it! :)
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year and New Beginnings :)

  2. First off you are not wasted space! You are feeling depression and your perception could very well be very wrong as this disorder can alter your perception of reality. Or if in fact if it is that way perhaps you should reevaluate those whom you care about if the feeling is not mutual. But in no way does this devalue you as a human being . You need to contact the suicide prevention phone help line in your area asap they can help you through this. And call your physician set up an appointment with them you may be ill as this can bring on depression and thoughts of suicide .

  3. Nobody is a waste of space. Maybe you feel like you don’t belong in your current situation but you have to hold on and find that place where you belong. Not gonna lie, it takes so much time even years but once you reach it, you’ll be glad you persevered through. As for the feeling that nobody cares, it’s weird because there always is one person. Not everbody in the world is heartless and careless. There is always one person who cares I promise you. Life is really unfair haha, you have to go through all the suffering just to get to the good part. It seems unfair but when it happens, I say when because it WILL happen, it’ll be worth it. Also, I agree with the person above. Suicide can only end the chances of happiness and bring more sadness. If you need anyone to talk to, I am the oneeee haha you know that? I am da one da one da one! :P Seriously you can talk to me and I will help, I want to. I also have anxiety so, we can ramble about it if you want heh.

  4. I feel much the same way all the time but I just keep the following thought in my mind.

    Suicide doesn’t end pain, it just takes you’re pain and spreads it to everyone else around you.

    If I have to live just to spare other this pain than so be it.

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