Hi ..i don’t see any point in life … but i cant die i have a mother and a grandma to take care of .. if i die i dont know what might happen to them…. cant do anything but wait for the weight to lift off…. man dont know what to do i cant find joy exitement or any kind of happiness in life … Continue reading Pointless


I’ve always had dreams of dark oceans and drowning ever since I was a teen,,, now I’m 36. Losing people to suicide didn’t help the cause, We lost 3 of them in 1997, I was in yr 10. That feeling of drowning doesn’t go away the more I suppress it, that feeling seems to come back at full force when I least expect it. I … Continue reading Drowning


My brother died a few months ago, and even though I really want to talk about him and how his death is affecting me, every time I bring him up my friends look really uncomfortable or they change the subject, and that really deeply hurts me. As a result, I’ve started drifting from these friends but now I feel cut off and emotionally isolated. I’ve … Continue reading Grief

I’m a fake

I’m a fake, I pretend to be interested in the same shit that every overly-privileged, consumer driven mind at my school “enjoys”. I told one person I lost my virginity just because I was sick of denying rumours even though surprise I’m still a virgin. I drink alcohol because emotion is too real. I lie to every person that cares about me and I push … Continue reading I’m a fake

I can’t keep going like this

I’m a senior in highschool. I’ve always been a ‘good student’ and people always act like I have the answers, that I’m the strong, emotionally stable one, even though I was diagnosed with depression. But I’m not. I’m failing more than half of my classes. I can’t bear being around even my closest friends. Every day I find myself thinking more and more about ending … Continue reading I can’t keep going like this

Sleep forever

I’m a 20-year-old College girl. I spent months telling myself that I would be better. I’m not better and I don’t know what to do. I cry myself to sleep every night while replaying the same scenario of how I would take my own life OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I have no drive to do anything. I barely get out of bed. My parents don’t … Continue reading Sleep forever