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I am a female, single, 26, and work in a professional business office. I am an insanely ticklish peron over every inch of my body. I find when I date men, really nice men, when they find out I’m ticklsh(doesn’t take much), they want to make me their “tickle toy.” They always want to see how ticklish I am and tickle me out of my mind.I am good natured and easy going so I don’t get mad, I just laugh my head off. I laugh so much I can’t beg them to stop. Feathers tickle me terribly, and once they discover that, they want to test every inch of me. It drives me insane. One guy I dated tickled me all night long with a feather, I was going nuts! My relationships all start out great but as soon as they can get me giggling or sqirming it just escalates from there. I guess its my fault for not being firm enough, but its hard to be firm when you’re rolling around howling like a banshee. I just don’t understand why guys are like that, they always try to tickle me to death.

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  1. …And too anonymous, the fun in that type of playful endeavor is to stay right on the edge of you being tickled… Slowing down to see exactly where you giggle and start to smile uncontrollably. That’s fun!!! The other stuff you are describing should happen rarely and only planned. Are you still together?

  2. All I have heard here is nothing to what my torment is. I cannot even barely touch my own feet. Putting on my socks and shoes are torment I was hoping to find someone with whom I could relate. Feathers, really? Example: I ended up in the hospital one day in absolute agony, and the doctor touched my belly and I convulsed so severely they rushed me into surgery only to have my wife scream and beg them to stop. She yelled to make them stop and tried to explain that I was just ticklish. Ticklish, and yet in agony from a serious injury. WTF! I have read that extreme schizophrenics act in such manners, but that is not me. Yes, so every crazy person says. I get it. But my skin is so sensitive, I feel extremely tiny variations in temperatures, and air currents, such to the point that I can feel a mosquito trying to land on me before it even touches me. I can feel the second the dew point drops, and the tiniest static charge from a doorknob 2 feet away. That sensitivity is what makes me beyond ticklish. Ticklish to the point actual contact is immeasurably overwhelming. I realize that I am so on the other end of the bell curve, I know I am the “they called me Mr. Glass!” guy. But I cannot be the only one. Don’t let them tell you that you are just ticklish. We feel things, notice things, other people cannot. Some people have better eyesight, others, better hearing. Does it make them special? Who knows, and does it matter? What I know is this, what I feel matters, and I refuse to believe that I am the only one. And I am the most ticklish person on the planet.

  3. I am exactly the same way, extremely ticklish all over and horribly feather ticklish. I’m 33, also date nice guys, but as soon as they find out I’m ticklish, they tickle me crazy! One date tickled me all night too, fingers, feathers, I was insane with laughter. I’m helpless after they start tickling. You’re laughing so much you can’t stop it.

  4. Maybe you had some bad experience with some people who made you feel bad when you were young. I remember when I was young I enjoyed to be tickled and wasn’t ashamed of that. I even once when I was a kid age 5 I asked my uncle to tickle my bare feet with a white pointed feather before bed time to see how it feels. I was excited, I laughed hysterically and enjoyed every second of it. Once when I was 8 I went to a birthday party to some girls. It was summer and I was barefoot. I wanted to tie some boy, so girls said I can’t do it, so I let them tie me. One of the girls who was much younger came close to me and started touching my bare feet with her fingers. I went hysterical. I started to laugh hysterically and to beg her to stop. I was ,,PLEASE, PLEASE STOP!!! It was similar scene like little Audrey tickling that clam just me as a clam. I also remember when I was 7 my grandmother liked to tickle my bare feet with her sharp fingernails, it always made me giggle and remove my feet. Some times I fantasy some idea that if I were a girl I would ask my boyfriend to tickle my feet with a feather…

  5. Are you doing bondage or otherwise restrained during the tickling? If not there’s no reason for fight or flight adrenalin not to kick in. I’m very ticklish and have wound up crying uncontrollably, even after the tickling stopped, and that wasn’t even nonstop tickling. I even find it hard to masturbate because it activates the same nerves, so I stop before orgasm. Sometimes it even interferes with foreplay with a partner, I just want insertion already, so I can orgasm. Being ticklish is not funny.

  6. some women will let you tickle them for roses or theyll tickle you for roses you can find them at common websites like backpages ! Have fun laughter is great medicine !

  7. I can sympathize, my girlfriends have always exploited my ticklishness to the point of my screaming for mercy, to no avail. I can’t even watch someone being tickled, it freaks me out seriously. as soon as someone finds out you are ticklish, they are on you mercilessly. I can’t fight back because it totally undermines my strength, and then I am doomed

  8. I’m a male with the same problem and had to tell several girls to stop tickling me as it very annoying to me and a major turn off.

    Unfortunately most mof them didn’t care and I simply left them as it was just not enjoyable for me at all.

  9. If he won’t respect your wishes not to be tickled then he doesn’t respect you at all. Find a man who will treat you with respect. However if you are doing something to encourage the tickling then the fault may be yours. My girl friend is extremely ticklish; I don’t even have to touch her. I don’t tickle her until she starts getting mean. She will try to twist my nipples off and think it is funny as hell. My only recourse to get her to stop is to tickle her.

    Anyway, if you are not encouraging the tickling then find a man who will respect your wishes not to be tickled.

  10. i know what you mean im ticklish from head to toe and boys at school are starting to find out so they sneak up behind me and tickle me because they think its funny… i asked a boy why once and he said he just thinks its so damn hilarious lol XD

  11. It seems like most who replied to this post haven’t answered your original question: why guys are like that. I think the answer is physical attraction (the guys think you are sexy and want to touch your body) mixed with domination (able to make you lose control) and fetishism (tickling fetish is very common.)

    I personally have a tickling fetish and, although I can’t explain why, I can attest that tickling someone like you would be a huge turn-on. In my experience most women don’t mind it too much, or if they do mind they don’t complain. So there is that social conditioning aspect as well – tickling is harmless child’s play.

    What you might keep in mind when a guy tickles you is this: at that moment you have the man completely in your control. You might think you are out of control – laughing and whatnot, but the truth is the man is totally mesmerized by your beauty and sexiness. Embrace it if you can.

  12. I’ve been tickled on occasion.It can be quite enjoyable.Limit setting will determine the fun or possible agony that could occur.

  13. Why not learn to enjoy it? I’m a huge fan of tickling in general, both giving and receiving, but I have a general rule – if the person being tickled isn’t having fun, something is wrong.

    Next time you find someone you like, tell them upfront you’re extremely ticklish. Let them know it’s ok for them to tickle you, but they MUST stop after x time or if you have trouble breathing, etc. Set limits and make sure you’re comfortable. Being tickled can be very fun and enjoyable, plus tickling someone and making them laugh is fun as well. Who knows – with the right person, you may find you love it :)

  14. guys just tickle you because of three reasons. 1.its so freakin’ easy!:) 2.they think it will get them on a more intamint level with you. 3.they probly think its cute that its so easy to make you laugh.

  15. It’s hard to be firm when you’re laughing….I guess I would say you should rehearse a ‘strongly voiced assertion to any man before you reach a ticklish fever and tell him- to stop..
    No more! Make him respect you and your body… it’s not funny when you disrespect- hurt someones feelings or seek your own needs before that of your girlfiends.

  16. Well, I’m a guy, I’m insanely ticklish, and I can attest that as soon as women find out that a guy is ticklish they’re every bit as merciless, if not more so; I don’t know how many times I’ve been driven to shrieking for mercy, which is pretty embarrassing. I guess I can see why it’s entertaining for them, so I’ve kind of accepted it as a fact of life, at least until someone tickles me into unconsciousness.

    Never had anyone pull out a feather, though. Who has feathers lying around??

  17. Britany,

    This is a tricky (OK, ticklish) area and please understand that a man does not mean to be cruel when he tickles you. I can attest that many women love being tickled silly, as I do, by a woman, in fact, and just laughing and begging with a ticklish smile feels like you are playing the game. You need to tell them that you simply do not like it. Be serious. If they do it again, drop them. I find it no fun at all to tickle a woman who does not enjoy it. There are man who do.

  18. Men tickle women because it’s cute to watch them squirm lol. And it’s probably a power thing, you know how men are. How did he tickle you all night long? couldn’t you run away or kick him or something? lol

  19. I’m 32 male. I’m sorry but the fact that you are soo ticklish is adorable. Us men do love to tickle women but it’s not intended to be mean, as far as I’m concerned anyway. I don’t know why I love to do it other than the giggling and squirming is too cute and total turn-on. I have to ask, how did he manage to tickle you ALL night with a feather? Why didn’t you run away? lol

  20. I can definitely relate to your problem, especially the part about being tickled with a feather. I am a 29-year-old woman who has experienced the same problem with men I have dated who quickly learn how insanely ticklish I am. One way of dealing with this that has worked for me is to make it clear when things start getting physical that if the guy tickles the bottoms of my feet he will not be having sex with me – ever!

    1. Why won’t you let a guy tickle your feet? I would be very gentle and try not to make you mad. Tickling is very sensual and I would be very careful.

  21. Tell them to stop. Let them know that after a certain point it makes you angry. Stand up for yourself, it’s freakin tickling. . .

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