Skin and Bones

I want to be skin and bones. I hate the way I look right now, after a pregnancy…I want to go back to my old ways but seeing that sweet baby boy stops me. I feel so torn…

3 thoughts on “Skin and Bones

  1. I too jsut had a baby. Give yourself a year. Don’t push too hard. If you’re young ; it’ll melt off. In a year’s time you’ll be smaller than before.. But don’t push yourself // stress yourself out about it, cuz you’ll just gain more..
    And don’t make food the enemy.**

  2. Try to be patient with yourself. You have entered a new and wonderful phase of your life. Enjoy the new baby and take care of yourself so that your baby will be well taken care of. In time you will get your figure back. Going overboard will harm your health. Don’t do it. If this stuff continues to bother you, speak with your doctor about it. Take care now. ~

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