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  1. By acknowledging this; you are on the right path. Along the line, some wires got twisted, and your basic instinct for procreation is taking over a very confused mind. Trust your self, and your instincts. There is, and will always be a wonderful beautiful female for you. Also remember; you don’t have to be in a relationship either. Some people operate just fine without companionship. Find the natural order of female companionship when you are ready. You are just fine. Take care.

    1. shut it with ya homophobic self. Confessor, as for you, there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Some of the happiest people I know aren’t staight. Its ok. Breathe. Youre ok.

  2. I was born a boy but i always thought of myself as a girl, my mother and father took me to see a therapist and from that they both agreed and allowed me there daughter from that day forward. Im called Sarah now, placed on hormones at age 12 im 16 now and my body and voice as of girl that age. So be honest with self, your self esteem would benefit from your honesty.

  3. I think that you should be who you are. I was confused in my sexuality and then I finally realized after thinking and experimenting that I was straight, so just think, talk to someone you trust, and it is so boring to say and so cliché but experiment. See what you like and if anyone in your life has a problem with it then they are not supposed to be in your life.

  4. Same here. And it’s very painful because the world has little to no mercy for that kind of thinking. It’s dark and relentless, but you just want normalcy…..you are not alone in this, I will pray for you ( that’s the only way I know how to help).

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