I think that my religion is nonsense and I want to quit

6 thoughts on “Religion

  1. You are right all religions are nothing more that superstitious nonsense. You know this so just quit pretending you believe something you do not. How anyone can believe all this religious rubbish is beyond me. Just go your own way, if anyone wants to know just say you are an atheist. You will find many people just along pretending to believe This is the only life there is so live it your way and enjoy it.

  2. Religions may help but no one of them will take you to heaven. It is you, and only you, who have a long, long way of inner self-improvement ahead. You are here thanks to your parents but also for many reasons, the most common one because your soul needed to come back to correct or to balance some important actions or mistakes from past lives. Karma is not a punishment as many people think, but an attempt of balance or compensation for our lack of love to the others.

  3. It’s okay to quit your religion should you should choose but be prepared to answer some questions from your family or friends if they were not kept abreast of your change of heart.

  4. those between 30 and 40 should live more intense because 20 enne they are stupid and after 50 is nothing and remember music is adrog hihihihi xaxa

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