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  1. I just want to let you know, it was totally not your fault! Some people say therapy helps…have you told anyone? Don’t keep inside and confessing it here is actually a good step in recovering!

  2. Happened to me too. It does get easier to bear. You may need counseling. Thank God you survived. You will get thru this and and with God’s help be able to tell others they can make it too. You’ve come too far to turn around now. Keep pressing to be free from the pain. It takes time, even years, joining a support group even an online one has helped me. Take care of yourself and God bless.

  3. Opppss sorry , Wrong reply to the wrong confession. There are rape centers in every town. There are people there who can help you work through the horrible thing you’ve experienced.

  4. There are many many men out there that absolutly love children. a good relationship iws built on trust and running a background check on any man and requiring him to “pass your tests ” is somewhat insulting and demeaning to the man.
    Find a man who is genuinly close to God and everything else will be right. Good Luck

  5. I can imagine how it’s been, it also happened to me, although a long time ago. I can have sex with my partner, but I have a horrible time trying (and not being able) to get emotionally involved.

  6. Yeah that must be hard to get over, but maybe you should try to look on thr bright side even if its hard to spot. My father left when i was 1 and then he sends me a creepy email 11 years later. I can’t trust my family enough to tell them stuff so I keep it to myself, my mom blames half her problems on me so I pretty much have no one When i was nine I was abused, my brother had a succesful suicide when he was 19, I never met him. Wondering if I’m going to get raped in my life any time soon too from the way Im going lol. And now im almost 14 graduated from public this year and I want to go Anorexic, but for me it doesn’t always have me worry, because I try to remeber the good times that i had. Keep on the light side instead of the dark! Sorry for a whole life story there :P

  7. aint nobody going to marry a women with 5 kids, weather they feel thay you are easy or just wanted kids. The problem is, your kids will always come first, you will always take their side in a family dispute. My advise is to get them grown and gone, then try looking for a guy.

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