Pregnant again

I cant believe Im in this situation again.I already have 4 kids. My baby will be one next month.And Im thinking I cant do this..I work long hours..My husband hasnt been able to find a job.I cant do this..My insurance is already kicking my butt.Cant get any assistance Because they say I make to much money..I feel like Im going to hell for thinking about a aboration..I really dont know what to do.

4 thoughts on “Pregnant again

  1. I don’t know where you live but he has to get a job. He’s not looking hard enough. Get your tubes tied and the both of us need to grow up.

  2. i’d suggest seperate beds! but as you’re already pregnant – i’d keep it if your not going to resent it. i’m sorry but I can’t ever agree with abortion, no child asks to be conceived so i’m afraid i’d say it’s time for you and your hubby to look at personal responsibility! I find the terms of the english language very convenient sometimes i.e

    When we miscarry our unborn – we say i’ve miscarried my ‘baby’!


    When, we terminate an unborn it’s termed as ‘just a feotus’! Strange hey

    So, is it a Foetus or child ?????

    i’d say the answer lies in your conscience!

    wouldn’t you!

    all I can say is this “god bless all our mistakes”

  3. I agree with getting on birth control comment. As for what to do NOW, talk with your husband as he has a say in this. But don’t forget adoption. There are so many couples waiting for children to adopt. Abortion is difficult, I won’t lie and say it is easy. But if you don’t have the financial means to raise a child and your husband doesn’t have job, what kind of life is the child going to have? You already sound like you are resenting the child and it isn’t even born yet.

  4. get on birth control maybe? just sayin’…… as for this pregnancy, no one here can tell you what the right choice for you is.

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