My family is stuck in a cult

I had a red pill moment last year where all of a sudden I saw the world for what it really is. I had been living in a cult. The world soon was a new place filled with wonderful color and beauty instead of black and white. I married a wonderful woman and had a son with her. The moment that I came forward with my feelings to her our relationship dynamic changed. I feel resented instead of loved most days. My family has shunned me and fears me. Most of the people that I called friends have left me. I want to be understood! I want my family out of this cult. I am not the devil, I am not possessed, and I am not deceived by a devil. I want my wife to wake up and realize that the real devil is the dogma that she swallows blindly. When the leader says jump she jumps like a zombie. It hurts to see them being controlled. It hurts to have my family tell me I am i liar and sinner for pointing out that the dogma and doctrine has contradicted reality, and itself several times.

5 thoughts on “My family is stuck in a cult

  1. I’ve been there. Luckily I got out before I got married, so I didn’t lose my children, or the respect of my partner. It breaks my heart when I read your pain. I’m not allowed contact with my siblings for fear that I will somehow corrupt them. It’s hard. And I don’t think you will make a dent in your wife’s beliefs or even her willingness to look at any issue objectively, because she chose to keep her “God lens” on on all subjects. She believes it’s a higher, more righteous view, and that the teachings she’s fed by these “enlightened” people are the “Truth” with a capital “T”. No matter what you say will appear mid-guided, dirty, and even dangerous. I’m sorry for all the pain this is and will cause in your life.

  2. Dear married person, I’m very sorry to hear about this. I don’t suppose we live in the same country as it sounds like you’re talking about a Western-type cult and personally I have had no experience in that. However, where I come from there are people in cults with such ‘controlled mindsets’. My advice is to first, get yourself out. If you have woken up and accepted the real God, then you must find help for yourself before being able to help your loved ones. For now it’s better to leave and seek spiritual help, once that is established you should try to look for legal aid or some way to get your family out. Remember, if you stay in the community, it will only try to pull you deeper and make you suffer more. Leave.

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