I’m Too Afraid to Stand Up For Myself

When people don’t treat me right, I’m too afraid to stand up for myself so I let it go on. Yet it is easy for me to stand up for people I love. Just not myself. I feel like a chicken about it most of the time. To be honest, it kind of makes me feel like less of a person. I wish I could be more confrontational.

3 thoughts on “I’m Too Afraid to Stand Up For Myself

  1. Being called confrontational means one of two things.

    1′- You might be right but I’m not going there because it would rock my boat too much…or
    2.- Just smile and play dumb.

  2. You’re are worthy of being alive regardless of how you treat yourself. You just need to try to get yourself to believe it. It will take time and some fear but if you persist, you can have self-love. I used to hate myself but now, my confidence and my self-love has never been higher. Tell yourself everyday that you are worthy, like a mantra, even if you don’t believe it and you will see beauty in yourself that you never saw before. You can get there and this confession is your first step to getting there. Just don’t give up. If someone like me can (I wanted to commit suicide a little over a year ago but now I’m happier than I have ever been), you can most definitely too.

  3. You’re on to something here. What you may want to do also is examine what it means if you were to stand up for yourself more. From what you’ve described here, it seems as if you might benefit by learning to value yourself more and be more assertive. Therapy might help quite a bit with this. Take care now.

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