I’m secretly gay

Hey, I’m a ninteen year old girl and I am a lesbian. I am always putting myself in uncomfortable situations with guys and I don’t know why. I thought if I left my country for a while I could be myself and it wouldn’t matter who I was because soon I would be gone but I’m not, I still hide.
I always thought that once I lost my virginity it would be ok, I would realise it was just a phase or whatever…but it’s not.

I know people will just say to get therapy or telling my family and friends is the first step but I’m not doing either of those.

2 thoughts on “I’m secretly gay

  1. If you don’t share who you are you will never accept yourself. If people don’t like it, find different people to share your life with. It’s all about self-love…a must if you want to be happy.

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