Im afraid I’m going to kill someone

a year ago i found my girlfriend had been raped by her stepdad multiple times.. she has no contact with any of them now but i still sometimes see him at the store or something… ive tried getting over it.. but.. idk.. im sure plenty of people have wanted to kill others.. but there’s a point in your head.. something snaps.. its gone beyond a desire.. its something i fear i’d actually do.. and im torn between wanting justice.. and not wanting prison…

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  1. Well lately life has been turning into well…..shit. I found out my fiance was cheating on me after using me for sex and i fell for it and gave all my secrets to her. She must’ve not heard the one about me killing myself if i loose her cus i almost did. Recently I found This beautiful new young woman who I have been with for a while now. She picked me back out of my hole but personally I still feel there is something left there.

  2. I guess i clicked on this because i sometimes too feel like killing…myself. Sure ive been angry at molesters bullies and liars. Ive been there, done that. What leads me back to this energy is the deep sadness. Perhaps the are multiple solutions here. Maybe once i had the same thing happen, and i kinda ****** up, i was young, i convinced her to tell her family, it did go haywire, i felt like killing him. I didnt. We didnt last much longer after that and ten years later im a father of two, suppotive husband and musician. Im not raking in cash but i dont care for it anyways. I guess the conclusion is, if you push for resolve it will fail. Make your decisions slow, take your time. Think about shit. Be the best person you can be. Does it say that your a lover or a hater? Maybe sometimes we are all niether. Maybe we are all a little crazy and sad. If you cant solve it cope and remember there is always someone going thru it too. You are not alone. And as for those who wish to kill out of hate, maybe you could be productive and help assist people who wish to die instead. I think that would be more productive…just sayin.

  3. Take it from someone who’s been in many relationships with girls/women with daddy issues – albeit none of them rape; as far as I know. You should either a) break up with this girl IMMEDIATELY and tell her to look you up after she’s gone to the authorities and gotten the psychological help she needs or b) both of you get into therapy immediately because issues that you have individually brought you two together.

    Ever heard the phrase “stop digging?” You’re already in a hole… you kill this guy and you will NEVER get out of that hole.

  4. is it really worth it? you and your gf need to get revenge by being successful and leaving that pathetic excuse for a man/dad alone without her. otherwise, you might end up in jail and the only ones she’ll have left are the ones who abused her. stay strong and get therapy together. he also needs to go to jail so he doesn’t do it to someone else. just send him to jail and live your lives to the fullest.

  5. Listen what you should do is Try and get her to tell the police. This will definatley not be easy at all not in slightest.
    While you do this you have to realise what she’s going through. Despite the actions he’s done she will be confused and it may take some time. Respect her decision if it seems like there’s no way of convincing her

    If that fails then the next course of action would be to get he

  6. Ok. soo bubear your a jackass and have no idea what emotions are and must be like 17 and a complete faget. but listen mann ill tell you right noww you dont ******* put up im going to kill someone on the computer you jackass now you cant kill him inless you want to go to jail you dont tel epople your gonna do something thats how you get caught you have to move in silence buddy take notes when you read this because you CANNOT kill someone AND SAY YOU ARE GONNA DO IT you just do it jackkass

  7. keke 1234
    when people make me really really mad i feel like i want to kill them,but when other people kill someone i feel they should not kill them sometimes when im cutting something i want to kill and when im in a bad mood. oneday i feel like im going to kill someone

    1. dont kill him, death is easy. find the person he loves the most, and kill them in a torturous painful suffering way, so he has to live with the pain of that everyday. then break his spine at c3/4 so he will only be a head, alive to think of all the pain and suffer until his own natural death. you could try not to get caught, but if you do, so what, youll be a hero in prison

  8. **** that, make a list of those you want to take out before you throw your life away, walk up right beside them and shoot them right in the face, then when youve killed all you wanted dead, be a man and turn yourself in, I suspect this is what I will do in a few years

  9. theres this kid in my school who is always doing my head in no im not a swot but i feel like killing him

    have you ever felt like this before and what did you do

  10. i love this girl so much and when i am with her i never want too leave her and wen shes gone i feel alone al i do is thing of how lucky i am to have her she is something reali special theres just one thing when shes not with me i get things in my head that she might be with another guy she might be doing somthing with another guy i mean she rang me the other night and i could hear lads in the back ground and wen i asked her who shes with she sd bye and hung up with out giving me chance to say something back could some 1 please give me edvice on how i can stop thinking bout things wen shes not with me i would call it paronoid cheers people

    1. be prepared for the worst. some girls will lie and lie about lying for years, they make you think that you are the crazy one.

      she tells you its paranoia, that you make such accusations. That is why i have now googled about killing somebody because of how much pain this has caused me.

  11. sometimes you just get pushed up you that level where you really do feel like you could kill a person. i also once atempted to kill a person coz we were figghting a lot and my family alweays took her side instead of mine but now we made peace

  12. kill him then kill yourself life is not worth living. i want to kill everyone i hate then kill myself but i cant. i want to murder everyone, just kill and kill until its just who i want in the world. but we all know thats not possible.

  13. To: “Wish I Didn’t Know”;

    Same scenario happened to me! I can’t tell you details but I know you are sincere! In the end, you cannot compromise yourself or your future for “closure” because it will never happen. You’ll open more evil doors. i.e. Murder is more evil than rape! That’s according to law, not my opinion.

    My ex fiance was raped! I know the thoughts you’re having!

    Keep him out of your lives! Forgive his actions but to not forget what he did to maintain self preservation and future safety!

    Finally. Your GF might (suggestion not an order) to tell everyone in a formal letter to everyone in the family. I mean cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, mothers, brothers, sisters. Not yours! Hers!

    She needs support that she can trust purely (she can trust you but family is purer, I’m sure you know what I mean) and that’s where she’ll get it. Also, it will be well known where is SHOULD be known. It doesn’t have to be public.

    Let HER decide. But in the letter, make sure that every person the letter is going to is mentioned in the closing paragraph. Such as “I sent this exact letter to

    And close with “I know it’s awkard for everyone, but I’m alone in my pain and need your hearts to be with me”.
    The “hearts with me” keeps her from saying “help” which is what she needs but admitting she needs “help” will make her feel weak and she is NOT weak. If you share this with her, omit my references to “weak” etc.

    God Bless

    P.S. remember, your challenge is to kill or not to kill, his was to rape or not to rape, hers is to forgive or not to forgive…. In this scenario…

    If you’d like to chat more, leave your email address here. I’ll check this periodically!

    Peace and God Bless

  14. Some of these posts are by idealistic morons, who’ve never had to live hard lives, who probably only piss you off further. If you can do it without getting caught, and also live with it for the rest of your life, why not? About 200 (out of 600) murder cases go cold in nyc, which gives you a pretty good chance if you know what you’re doing. However, the very fact that you’re posting about it, asking for advice, shows that you are not the type that will be able to go through with it. Neither will you be able to live with it. Many people consult a therapist, or a third party professional who is limited by client confidentiality.

  15. You can do what you want, I dont know you so nothing you do impacts on me! However, i am certain that you should first read this #, a famous quote from the Star Wars movies: anger leads to hate, hate leads to fear, fear leads to suffering. After you kill this person, your desire to kill will not be abated. A revenge kill as it is known, will not simply stop – a famous moral from the Dark Knight film as well. Think first mate, you dont have to resign yourself to guilt, depression and inevitably life in prison :s

  16. Beyond any doubt, this man must be brought to justice. You want to kill him, I understand. However, even beyond the reason brought on by the chain of hatred, consider this. By killing him, you’ve rid the world of another scumbag, but what about you? You will go to jail, on charges of murder. If not, then you will forever be on the run for your freedom. Neither of these things is good for you, and they would devastate your girlfriend.

  17. You want to kill him because he hurt the one you love.. but what of the ones who love him?

    Will they not seek a similar path?

    will they not choose to destroy the one who destroyed him?

    we and just ordinary people driven to revenge in the name of justice..

    but if that revenge is called justice it breeds more hate.. creating an endless chain of hatred..

    1. **** that shit and kill him. Most people don’t have the balls, and blame it on a fear of prison. You won’t get caught. There won’t be reprecussions. This isn’t a movie, morgan freeman isn’t the cop, and the stepdad isn’t a judo master

  18. Bubear you are a complete idiot with absolutely no insight into the realities of emotional trauma and no concept of reasonable human reaction.

    1. it is his business because he loves her and its called empathy, which is something you really should look up.

    2. reporting a case of rape, especially an in-family one, is knowingly going to cause an unbelievable amount of pain and humiliation for everyone. this girl likely knows this and isnt ready to stomach the impact. for some women, supporting them through such a thing means not pressuring them to do something they dont want to. if she was ever ready to do such a thing, that would be her prerogative, and asking her “why havent you…” as though it were as simple as walking down the sidewalk, only demonstrates your insensitivity in the extreme.

    3. her mom doesnt know for the same reason the police dont, you simmering nincompoop. she isnt ready for that much pain to be added to what she already suffers through.

    and to the author, dont listen to people like Bubs here. he is a youthful fool with a dim view of the world. the best thing you can do is offer your unending support, and allow yourself time and place to express your own pain as well. the urge for violence you feel in reaction to this is totally normal, whether it is acceptable to society or not. find an anger workshop, start practicing TM, but whatever you do, excommunicate that man from your life and free yourself from that hateful vengeance. it will get you nowhere and will ultimately leave you depressed and directionless. i know, i have been right where you stand…

    1. I completely agree. I myself have been a victim similar to his gf and i also am studying to be a clinical psychologist specializing in trauma. His reaction is normal.

      1. personally, i think you should do it. If you’re smart there is an extremely low chance you’ll get caught, be clever and don’t lose your cool, and you’ll definitely get away with it. In my area rape cases are never prosecuted, so do the right thing and make it happen. make a plan, carry it out.

        1. You are an idiot. Please don’t listen to this guy. Just pray about it and try to convince her to go to the authorities.

  19. I’m wondering why do you care? 1st off it isn’t any of your business.

    2nd if she was truly raped why doesn’t she gooes to the police?

    3rd, why doesn’t her mom know about it?

    It seems to me your GF is not saying all that is involved here.

    Finally…the best thing you can do is nothing. Let her work it out stay outta it

    1. I say use stealth, im in the same situation . Just it wasn’t her father. They were suppose to be our friends . There was three of them. Since then i have joined the military just for this purpose . Not to get away with it, but to learn how much damage i can do with out killing them. But trust me they will die and i will get caught but thats not the problem . I cant find them but im getting close .

      If you read this and remember anything of it let it be this/ If you have to think about it , or your scared then think deep down do u really care? Because when u love someone you will sacrifice all for them no matter what mite happen afterwords.

    2. Go for it man… Stand up for what is right! The damn government don’t give a shit!

      Here’s my situation… my dad is trying to get me and my family put on the streets by terminating my gov check… I have nobody else to take over the payments so beings I have a 7mo old and a baby on the way, my blood is boiling…

      I don’t mind sharing because I have pursued every available resource I can and nobody will help me… I’ve called the police and talked to SS about the issue only to get negative feedback or some useless info that won’t work for me.

      What he is doing is morbidly wrong… I have no problem taking his life at all at this point… I don’t care how this information is used or even if it’s against me… but I will kill @ 30 years of age and very soon at that if this last avenue of action fails.

      I’m sick and tired of being stepped on because I’m disabled, hell it doesn’t really matter to me anymore about my life or family’s life because my children will be taken away from me if we have to live on the streets… I’m not going to a shelter, why do that when ya have the money to live somewhere else right?

      Happy New Years!

      1. If your not going to kill hundreds, then get a nice life insurance policy, and kill yourself through an accident. Your kids will be taken care of, and they wont think their parent is a murderer.

    3. What the **** is your problem? You clearly must be a sociopathic male. Any normal human being would have exactly the same response as the guy who posted here. I would want to kill the guy too especially if I had to see him around town. And sometimes you can’t go to the police. Unless you have solid proof you just cant. Especially after time passes. unless you go to the er or cops within about 12 hours your chances of being able to prove it drastically decrease. Although personally i would say that not wanting to go to jail should win out it is perfectly normal for someone to think violent thoughts towards someone as sick and twisted as her step father. as long as he doesn’t act on them its fine.

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