I Think I’m Gay

I’ve previously identified as bisexual. Now I think I’m a lesbian and I feel so guilty and gross. I could accept myself as bi, and I can accept other lesbians, but I can’t seem to accept myself. I think I was telling myself I was bi so because I was to afraid to admit I’m a lesbian, and I hate it.

3 thoughts on “I Think I’m Gay

  1. I wouldn’t want to be one of those people, but I know how you feel. I’m gay myself and at least once a day I think to myself “if only I wasn’t gay, life would be so much easier”. It’s enough to reduce me to tears sometimes but experience has taught me that hating something won’t make it go away. So we have to be strong, and take ourselves as we are. Otherwise, how will anybody else?

  2. For some people, identifying as Bisexual is a precursor to identifying as Lesbian/Gay, other people continue with Bisexual or alternate identities. The journey of self-discovery is scary and depressing and weird and nerve-wracking and sometimes awesome. It can be less scary to take life in stages. For me, coming out as Lesbian was a slow-moving process. Initially I identified as Bi because I couldn’t accept what I viewed as a complete dissociation from the life I knew.
    Follow your own timeline and try not to judge yourself too harshly. Surround yourself with a positive support. Consider checking out “Testimonies : Lesbian Coming-Out Stories” or some of the other good literature available.
    Best of love & light to you.

  3. Dear Friend,
    Sorry to hear that you’re having such a hard time.
    Please try to get into therapy so that you can make
    better peace with yourself. Take care now.

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