My boyfriend and i have just recently broken up (around 2 months ago) anyway he got a new girlfriend a month after that. and of couse i was heart broken and i missed him so much i even did so much to try and get him back. but he was still a good friend and we never hated eachother. so i decided that id just try to just be his bestfriend and nothing more. he came over to my house a couple of times even while he was with the other girl. and on the 2nd visit we did stuff. he said he missed me and well things just happened. and i like it and he does too. but is it wrong? well now he’s broken up with his girlfriend and were both single. and he’s been over alot and we’ve done alot together but i dont think he wants to get together with me. so i thought but us always “doing stuff” to eachother that this would help us but i dont know anymore. so today i made a big decision to tell him that i dont want us to “do stuff” while he’s over anymore because it was hurting me. and it does, it makes me miss him so much and saddens me that we’re not together. i dont know what will happen next, but i hope it turns out ok and that my decision doesnt affect our friendship.

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  1. Ugh. What a jerk. Don’t let him do “stuff” the next time he’s over! If you continue in this way, you’ll be “the other woman” for the rest of your life and you’ll never commit to anyone else.

    You’re worth more.

  2. Boy aren’t you the dumb one. You are nothing more than a BOOTY CALL!!!!!! Plain & simple. And when you realize that then you will wise up and kick him to the curb…..unless you like being a bootycall.

    Can I have your number???

  3. If you are still referring to sexual contact that you and your boyfriend have together as “Stuff” you’re probably too young to be doing it. Also if he is not looking for a commitment then he definitely is just using you to get “stuff”. Its good that you said you told him that you were not going to do anything with him anymore. stay strong and continue that way….there will be plenty of other guys in your life and you still have a ways to go….

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