I have this relationship with this girl I swear was obsessed with me. She says she loves me all the time, we plan futures together, talk about children and everything. But why do I always catch her chatting with guys about really nasty stuff (webcams). Is she just leading me on? I have no idea what to do. I’m just waiting for her to cheat on me. As a very jealous man I have no idea what I would do if I was to find her with her little rendezvous.

Am I wrong? Is it time to quit?

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  1. Get out. Cut your losses, quit while you’re ahead, etc.

    A girl who is obsessed, plans futures, talks about children, etc. and then goes chatting online with other guys about nasty stuff is bad news. It’s a huge red flag. You are being manipulated. Break it off, leave, do whatever you have to do to get out. Just know that there are better girls out there. Relationships should be based on mutual respect and admiration not the games that she is playing.

  2. I think you have a right to be jealous. If she loves you so much, then how can she even bring herself to talk about those things with others? Confront her and tell her to stop. It isn’t YOUR fault that she’s doing this. It’s hers and her lack of control.

  3. i favor tony’s point of view… however i would say, she’s seeking that nasty stuff elsewhere and also keeping it from you, i think its because she doesn’t feel like she has a direct line of communication with you to open that door with each other..maybe she doesn’t think you’re into it…so show some interest. get in on her web cam games. if she doesn’t want to talk about it or include you into her whole sex life then she’s holding something back and then you might have something to worry about.. start the conversation, listen, and be open.. if you can’t tolerate or accept or acclimate to what you hear, then maybe its time to re-evaluate the rest of your relationship and how each of you needs to get your needs met. communicate genuinely without pressure or motive except for achieving greater clarity and depth of mutual understanding based on love and trust! be gentle and patient, if it means so much to you. if it doesn’t work out, everything happens for a reason, and don’t discount the experience! but good luck, and relax..everything will be ok no matter what happens.

  4. No she isn’t leading you on. However she has a freaky side and she is doing stuff online she doesn’t do with you BECAUSE you have jealousy issues.

    You WILL lose her if you don’t change your ways which will be hard because that sort of paradigm shift doesn’t come naturally.

    Jealosy will drive her (or him) to another person’s arms so if not her it will be another. Unless you’re into blind or chicks confine to wheelchair.

    Remember if you act like you don’t care she will kiss your boots. If you act like a jealous jerk you will be kissing her ass, so I guess its totally up to you.

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