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I really want to get married, to someone who is over protective and stubborn maybe even a little crazy. They would also have to be very strong but I’m only 18 turning 19 soon.i have never thought about anything else and I don’t know why. I just really want to get married, though I’ve never even dated before. I’m very lost.

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  1. You want problems? Get married. That’s the quickest way to Hell.

    Stay alive, stay single. Maybe you should read some of the other posts here.

    Seriously, you are young; much, much too young to get married. Have fun, date around, travel a bit, see the world. Get a job, cultivate some interests. There’s much more to life than getting married, especially at 18.

  2. seems like you are poor and financial status is not supporting your needs. As you said 18, rest of your teenage friends are having nice life where you are screwed up. And you started thinking after getting marry your life will change he will support all your needs. What if the guy you marry is not earning much. what if he is not as rich you expect to be. Simple thing dont depend on others for anything if you can earn it just try hard. or else even if you marry nothing solves

  3. Listen, hun, I know exactly how you feel, but let me share my knowledge with you. There is nothing wrong with you, for wanting to get married so young, for most that is a natural instinct, but it’s important that you know that marriage is a serious commitment that is meant to last the rest of your life, not five years and then you say that whoops they changed, and I want different things so lets split up, but rather I love and accept the fact that this is going to be the hardest thing that I’ve ever done in my life, and despite the fact that at some points we may grow apart or lust for something greater, we are both making this commitment for the long haul because we want to make our marriage last for the sake of both our hopes and wishes. In marriage, you don’t have to know who you are fully, but you at least have been your own person in order for it to work. You guys can’t become one, despite the fact your half of who you are supposed to be and expect it to work out in both of you guys favor.

  4. What is it about the over protectiveness that you crave? Do you think this is linked to marriage? I guess I am asking because I think you can get what you crave without marriage.

  5. Dear girl ready to get married,
    It seems like you want to get married just because you want to have someone to tell you what to do exactly with your life. Before commiting to someone you have to be independent yourself , take control over your life and your own happiness. Those qualities that you say you look in a future husband you can have them yourself. Become that strong person that you need for yourself.

  6. I know you are still very young. A lot of young adults get divorced early. Take your time and meet new people first. There is a whole new world you have yet to be seen and new experiences to be experienced. Get your college education and get a good paying job first. You will probably want to do a lot of traveling first before you settle down. Don’t get married just because everyone else is doing it.

  7. Maybe you simple want what you imagine marriage will be like? Marriage is actually quite more complicated than we sometimes think. You might want to take some time to learn a whole lot more before simply marrying someone . It is easy to get hitched but often much more challenging to make it last or to dissolve it if a bad problem arises.

  8. i completely understand but you need to be careful, marriage isn’t all fairytale like you see in the movies. You need affection , love and protection but you don’t need an abusively person either. Get to know yourself before getting marriage to any one ok. Good luck

  9. Same! Although, not to my current partner. He is a very dishonest person and after an argument we had last night I think we’re done. Why over-protective AND stubborn? Isn’t that like the worst combination for someone to have?

  10. Consider remaining single. Consider the possibilities! I have not been on the dating scene for quite awhile and am not sure what exactly constitutes a “date” in 2017. I used to mean a guy asking a girl out nicely to join him for dinner or a movie. It is fun! You need to date people to find out what type person is the best fit for you. You will discover this by not marrying yet. When you do fall in love (it must be MUTUAL) and decide that’s the one you want to spend your life with, that is the time you have the discussion about what roles will work best for you both. If it is you taking care of the domestic side of things and he will be the one that will be the provider and take care of the financial side. Do that….but always know what is going on with the money. If you don’t and the marriage ends for one reason or another YOU will be responsible for that. Life will be very stressful for you because you have not had a talk about finances. You don’t want to think you might divorce or that he might pass away, but be realistic hun, it happens. Be prepared.

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